Scientists Are Raising Dinosaur Eels and Fish Out Of Water: Study

Scientists Are Raising Dinosaur Eels and Fish Out Of Water: Study

According to the science hundreds of millions of years ago that fishes left the oceans, seas and evolved into land animals. Those stories were read in books heard in some TV commercial channels, but what if this wonder happens in front of your eyes? After many years of science experiments in these days scientists are raising fishes to survive out of water on land and they are changing in front of our eyes.

Nature publishes a study showing that Senegal bichirs and dinosaur eels are being raised over past 8 months on the lands 2014 and this is surely fascinating isn’t. How did taught came up to raise dinosaur eels on land, because they only live in water, noting wonder Dinosaur typically live in water, but they also have lungs to breath air and they can walk too.

In the beginning the idea that by understanding how dinosaur eels first begin to walk and the first fish walked many years ago. Those secrets were revealed that the dinosaur eels first walked on land, keeping their heads up and walking with struggle, they first planted their fins to move forward with slight slipping but walked more. The same idea came to do experiments on Dinosaur eels and waking fish. The environment made changes to their living style.

As per the scientific experiment the muscles and bones of the out raised Dinosaur eel and fishes also changed as they adapted to walk. These similarities are found in the animals which moved from water to land.

Like said before the dinosaur eels and walking fishes have function lungs can breathe air, as well dinosaur eels also have gills like fish they breathe surface of the water regularly to inhale oxygen from air. Maybe not regularly, but occasionally Dinosaur eels and fishes walk on land surface using their fins. There’s anecdotal evidence that they move on land to water and water to land from ephemeral pond to ephemeral pond when they dry up. It is not over yet there is many things to do in future to raise them young on land says Standen.

Standen says that they used high speed video captures to analyze their moments be the end of their experiment time period on eels and fishes. At the time changing over million years they analyzed that they carried out in 20 terrestrial fishes and 10 aquatic fishes. The researchers killed many fish species to bring out both groups that how they have been living on land and how skeleton formed in them.

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