Step Into Style: How To Use Balustrade Systems Inside and Outside Your Home


Balustrades have been in our homes for centuries. In fact, they originated from the Mughal architecture in the early 17th Century!

Throughout the years they have adapted in both style and versatility and as a result have become extremely popular throughout the world; especially in the UK.

Balustrade systems are ideal for both the interior and exterior of a home and are a real consideration for most homeowners due to their key benefits and contemporary style. But just how do you use them?

Using Balustrades Inside the Home

The most common use for balustrade systems inside the home is on the staircase. The staircase can either be a huge feature of your home or simply blend in with the rest of your decor – the choice is yours!

A few things you do need to consider when fitting balustrades for this purpose are:

  • Style: from existing designs to bespoke options, you can choose what style and colour you want to fully complement your living space. This can mean anything from a bright pink aluminium option to a glass and timber balustrade
  • Material: consider the style you are aiming to achieve and the lifestyle you lead when choosing the material for your balustrade as some require more maintenance than others. Glass is often preferred as it provides contemporary charm, resilient strength and low maintenance
  • Safety: balustrade systems can also be used as the handrail on the staircase to provide maximum safety, especially for young children or elderly relatives. It’s a stylish addition with a functional purpose

Balustrade systems are also required in most commercial properties and especially those containing children, such as schools. They are often used to provide additional safety on stairs however different commercial properties will hold different regulations which should be followed at all times and it is important that you research this thoroughly before fitting anything.

The type of balustrades you choose will depend largely upon these regulations and the maintenance they require so it’s important you give it plenty of thought.

Using Balustrades Outside the Home

As well as providing interior style, balustrades are versatile enough to be fitted outside of the home too. More and more homeowners are opting for this design – using balustrades on decking and balconies to add a modern design edge to their homes.

A few things you do need to consider when fitting balustrades for this purpose are:

  • Style: balustrade systems offer a high level of both distinction and elegance to any property. Some balustrade installations have even made the news due to the large impact they have on the appearance of a building so it’s important you consider the style carefully
  • Material: once again, glass is one of the most popular options for external balustrades due to its ability to withstand the elements whilst requiring minimal maintenance. Other options, including, metal may also be worth considering when making your final decision
  • Safety: glass balustrades are often added to balconies when using them outdoors. They are extremely safe and durable – something which you should check for carefully. Remember to be mindful of any gaps between panes of glass or railings which could pose a hazard to youngsters

Further to being used on balconies, balustrades are often installed on outside decking – either as a full enclosure or simply as an alternative to a fence. This offers a fantastically modern look but also provides a high level of safety for younger children by keeping them in a safe and enclosed space.

Why Fit Balustrades?

For a home, office, hotel or public space, few things are as aesthetically pleasing as a balustrade. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of glass or the authentic charm of timber wood – you can’t go wrong with this design feature which offers plenty of benefits to homeowners.

Guaranteed to add style where you need it the most, installing a new balustrade system inside or outside your home also promises increased safety; indoors they keep stairways and landings safe without interfering with the decor while outdoors they safeguard balconies and decking without disrupting the beauty of your outdoor space.

On top of this, balustrade systems are also low maintenance and easy to look after – giving you a fuss-free design feature that will last and last.

They are also easy to install and although there are certain rules and regulations set by the UK Government which must always be adhered to, they are put in place for your own benefit and reduce hazards to make balustrades a wise investment for your home.

So, why not inject style and safety into your living space with a stunning balustrade system? With a range of designs and materials to suit all tastes and home decors, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

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