Tips For Spearfishing Safety

Spearfishing is really one of the very popular kinds of fishing out there. This one is unique because, in this, the fisher used a spear in order to catch the fish. The spear traps the fish, and it might just be the easier one from among all the different fishing types in certain situations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe.

Whenever you’re out with the wild, there are certain safety measures you should always keep in mind. Following are the 5 important things you should never forget at any cost while going out for spearfishing.

Tip #1: Never Dive Alone, Ever!

Tips For Spearfishing Safety

This is a crucial tip because spearfishing involves being underwater. It is never a good idea to intend to go underwater, and not have a person with you. Not only will having a buddy along help you enjoy the spearfishing experience a bit more, but you can ensure each other’s safety that way.

The best way to make this work would be to simultaneously go underwater and then above the surface. When one person is under, the other should be over the surface, looking for the person underwater and ensuring he’s safe and alright.

But in this case, you should really make sure that you have perfect coordination, and that each of you come up fast enough to breathe in and then go in again.

Tip #2: Have A Flag And A Float Along With You At All Times!

When you’re out in the ocean, exposed to the wide area, sharks aren’t the only things you should be scared of. There are boats out there, which is the scariest. This is because the people on the boats have a really hard time being able to see spearfishers.

They aren’t to be blamed for that, but the best way to make sure you get noticed in the water is to have a flag tethered to your Speargun. Choosing the best spearguns is going to be an important part of this too, but just having a flag and a float can really help you protect yourself from the boats!

Tip #3: Learn How To Give CPR

When you’re out in the water, you should never risk going out without learning how to CPR. You’re underwater, and no matter how experienced you are, anything can happen without you even knowing.

Especially when you’re going out with a buddy, you should never forget the CPR in case he needs it. Make sure your buddy knows how to give a CPR too, which is how both of you can stay protected and can confidently go out there, knowing the other person will recover you if anything ever happens.

Tip #4: Don’t Ever Do The Mistake Of Tethering The Fish To Your Body!

Tips For Spearfishing Safety

Everyone can make mistakes. Sometimes, you might end up miscalculating how heavy the fish is going to be. Consequently, you might end up being weighed down because the fish is heavy, and you might not be able to break through the surface of the water.

Always keep the fish at a place where you can instantly let it go if it causes too much trouble, or restricts your movement. Having an ultralight reel can also help is lessening the weight that you carry.

There have been several cases where the divers lost their lives because they had the fishes tethered to their body, so it is a proven fact that this is a mistake you really shouldn’t be making out there.

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