How To Keep Your Ideal Weight

How To Keep Your Ideal Weight

If you’re dieting or already did it your goal to get to your ideal weight, surely now you want to stay well and avoid the famous rebound, so here are some tips for you to keep your ideal weight all year.

Eating Habits

We know that starting a diet more to watch what we eat we change our eating habits and maybe even do not have to sacrifice, much less stop eating certain things you need to keep a balance in your food, fat intake levels and food with high calories and will maintain the ideal weight.


Not for nothing is the most important meal of the day, so it is almost mandatory not do without it, because if you eat breakfast your metabolism is activated which works faster and have better digestion, your body assimilates nutrients and fail to better.

Home Cooking

Bring your own food from home to work or school, and avoid the temptation to buy junk food or some other starter with large doses of calories; a good option is to take chopped fruit, carrot sticks or some healthy snack.


Although it is a little difficult changes sodas and precast water and natural fruit juices, thus maintain your ideal weight, but also better meet your desire for a drink occasionally.


It may not be necessary to kill hours and hours in the gym like when you were on a diet, but continue with physical activity is very important to maintain your ideal weight, you can go out walking, climbing stairs, cleaning your room or do some exercises in house.

Watch your Weight

Nor is obsessing and be weighing yourself twice a day, but it is important to bring a record of your weight so that you avoid the rebound, if you notice or feel that you have gained weight can lose weight quickly.

Salt, Sugar and Alcohol

To stay at your ideal weight is necessary to limit the consumption of these products, excess salt makes us retain fluids, alcohol carries large amounts of calories and sugar weakens the immune system.

Control Your Emotions

It is proven that if you have any emotional problems are more likely to be overweight and often the refuge is the food, the best solution is to go to a professional, chat with friends and practice some activity that will help you break free.

It need not be a great sacrifice to maintain your ideal weight, it is not necessary that you limit or stop eating; the key is to choose your food and do a bit of physical activity.

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