5 Affordable Power Banks That Will Never Let You Run Out Of Battery

The newest entrants into the world of gadgets and gizmos are power banks, which are essentially portable chargers. Available in a number of brands, a lot of global companies are locked into sales battles as to whose product is more appreciated and liked by the audience. Manufacturers are now including multiple slots in Power Banks so that they can charge more than one device at a time due to high capacity batteries. Also, these products now come with anti scratch surfaces so that they do no depreciate in quality. They not only are capable of charging smartphones up to two times, they can even charge phablets, tablets, cameras, laptops, and your PSP or MP3 player. All in all, a power bank can prove to be a valuable asset if you choose the right product since it can come in handy during sticky situations. If you are running late and your phone is about to run out of battery, or you need to attend an important business call or are awaiting the call of a loved one, a power bank can ensure that your smartphone or tablet never runs out of power. Here are the top 5 affordable Power Banks which will never make you run out of battery.

Portronics Power Box Power Bank 10000mah

This device has an advanced energy reserve with a 3.7V/10,000mAh lithium ion battery that is capable of charging electronic items while on the go. This eco friendly product uses both traditional and renewable energy similar to a solar panel so that it never loses power and maintains a zero standby loss feature. It comes with additional features that prevents over charge, over discharge and the possibility of short circuits, making it highly safe.

Sony Universal Power bank 10000mah 

This Sony product comes complete with USB extended battery power pack and uses OEM Sony Cycle Energy Li-ion 10000mAh batteries for high speed charging. Also, this slim and lightweight product has an aluminium body, complete with two ports allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. The convenient LED indicator tells you how much juice is left in the device. It also preserves 90% of its battery capacity even after being charged 1000 times.

Genuine Mi Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mah

This high powered device allows you to charge your smartphone up to thrice a day on a single full charge. Its dual 18650 Lithium-ion battery cell technology is developed by Samsung and LG, and is complete with aluminum casing that sets it apart from others. This small and easy to carry device has a four level LED indicator for battery status, can charge up to 500 times and has a input and output current of 5 Watts.

Universal Power Bank Battery Backup 5600mah

This budget device is among the 5 affordable Power Banks which will never make you run out of battery because it is compatible with almost all brands and Li-ion polymer battery and comes with a voltage of 5 Watts. Complete with a micro USB port, this digital device has an output of 500 to 800mah that offers extra hours to your mobile phone. It comes in an attractive bar design and is complete with a keychain so that you can easily carry it, both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, this company offers them in a variety of colours to choose from.

HP 7500mah Power Bank

HP is another company that has built a reputation for its electronic devices over the past several decades. Complete with a powerful 7500mah Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, this device has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices at a time. Each port has an output of 5 Watts that is reassuring in unexpected emergency situations. This contoured, compact and lightweight design is complete with an LED indicator to show the power level. You can charge the power bank and a smartphone at the same time, while streaming high quality videos or movies.

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