Do You Know Your Oregon Daddy?

You live in Portland or are from Salem. No matter, you live in the great state of Oregon and your mother has assured you that your biological father does too. Your daddy, however, is not your mother’s husband. Instead, you were adopted by your stepfather who claims you as his offspring.

Some adopted children may feel that learning more about their bio dad would be a betrayal of the relationship they have with their adopted, but legal father. However, there is an area of concern that should be rectified and it has everything to do with knowing your medical history.

Here’s what you need to know about your Oregon daddy:

His build. You’re much taller than anyone else in your family, although your mother is barely five-feet tall. If you are a teenager, you may wonder if you will stop at 6-feet-, 3 inches or keep going. Knowing who is your Oregon daddy may shed some light on the subject. Your mother may not recall specific details other than to say he was really tall.

His colors. You’ve inherited your mother’s eyes, but your nose, mouth and lips are far different from anyone else in your family. Your skin tone is slightly different too, with olive highlights. Although you are comfortable with the skin you are in, knowing what your Oregon daddy looks like can make a big difference for you.

His health. You’re the picture of excellent health in your teen years or early 20s. Yet, you wonder how your health will hold up once you reach your 40s, 50s and 60s. You’re aware of your birth mom’s health problems, small that they are, but you wonder if there is something else that might possibly crop up? Having a family history of a blood disorder, Parkinson’s disease or kidney ailments might never be known if you don’t have access to your bio dad’s vitals and medical information advises the DNA Diagnostic Center.

His wealth. Your adopted father is your father, no doubt about it. Still, you wonder if your Oregon daddy is a man of means, with the ability to pay for your education, put a down payment on your house or meet some other financial need, pressing or practical. Your intent isn’t so much to extract wealth, but to get what is rightfully yours. You may have some inheritance rights that were not severed simply because of adoption. At the very least, you may be entitled to certain Social Security benefits if he dies when you’re under age.

His traits. Your mother stays up late and gets up late. You’re the complete opposite. Moreover, your mother is mild-mannered, while you have a fiery temper. There are other differences between you and your mommy, with your suspecting that you inherited certain traits from your bio dad. It may turn out that your birth father is nothing more than a cad, but that is something you’ll never know without learning about him. It might also explain why you’ve been in therapy these past few years.

Establishing Paternity

In Oregon, establishing paternity means the man who supplied the sperm is the one who pays the bills. Given that in this example you were adopted, his responsibilities are no longer the same. Yet, for your peace of mind genetic testing will either confirm or deny paternity.

To establish paternity, you will have to supply your DNA and ask both your mother and your suspected birth father to do the same. If all three parties consent, then you’ll get an answer to your “who is my Oregon daddy?” question. If the suspected dad does not comply, then you’re out of luck if you’re the adult. Then and only then you will need to rely on the testimony of your bio mom that so and so is, indeed, your bio dad.

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