How Does Hair Loss Surgery Work?

How Does Hair Loss Surgery Work?

When men and women are suffering from some kind of hair loss they keeps on looking for some or other kind of treatment but when none of them works then the last step they choose in order to overcome the problem permanently is hair transplantation. Before you decide whether you should go ahead with hair loss surgeries or not you need to know about the subject completely.

There are different kinds of hair loss surgeries that you need to know about. Sometimes doctors prescribed to go for them together in order to get the best results. It includes hair transplant, scalp reduction and scalp extenders. When you first hear about the term hair loss surgery then the first thing that comes to your mind is hair transplant. In this surgery and portion of skin along with hair is taken from the healthy portion of the head and then it is transplanted to the bald portion or to the area which has no hair at all. The scars occurred on the donor area will be replaced by the hairs with the passage of time.

How Does Hair Loss Surgery Work?

There are several points that you should know when you are studying about hair loss surgery. This problem cannot be solved in just one surgery and is followed usually by a number of surgeries. After you get heal you will need to undergo another surgery. This process can be a little painful and each of the surgeries has its own pro’s and con’s. It can take either a month or a year or even more. It depends upon the kind of surgery that you need for your problem.

Whether you required a hair loss surgery or not it can be only explained by a doctor. So before taking any step it is always advised to consult a physician.

Will You Be Happy With the Results?

Hair loss surgery is the best way to replace your lost hairs and in this process the hair follicles are removed from the sides of the hair and harvested on top of the scalp area. Male pattern baldness is one of the most common problem occurred in men.

Surgeries are mostly referred for men as they may be always effective for women. According to the research it is clear that male pattern baldness occurred due to a hormone known as dihydrotesterone.

The real cause of female pattern baldness is difficult to explain but many researchers believe that it may occurs due to DHT. Again some of the health experts believe that alopecia is the main reason that causes the problem of baldness in both men and women. It is related to imbalance diet.

The best thing to treat the problem is minoxidil. If you message it on the scalp twice in a day it will give good result. Still while purchasing minoxidil enriched products you need to be very careful.

Hair-loss gene is funds in many men and this problem keeps on transferring from one generation to another. Due to this almost 50 percent men are suffering from the problem of baldness to some or other extent. This problem can occurred at any stage of life and it can also affect one’s social as well as working life.

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