Increase Business Profitability With Outsourcing Activities

Competition is fierce these days and so is the business growth. On an average, every business loses 8-14% of its customers because of the poorcustomer satisfaction.

Every customer wants best services from its manufacturers and to render best services to customers, businesses opt for outsourcing their services.

Why Call Center Outsourcing?

If you look from a business perspective, hiring an outsourcing company to run the business processes is more beneficial than anything else. This service can actually enhance the marginal profit and lets the corporation focus more on their main business.

The work quality of the outsourcing company should be great to run the smooth business operations and get more profits. It includes skilled people who have expertise in calling and answering customers and thus generating business leads.

Call Center Services in India Includes:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Employment verifications
  • Survey
  • Research
  • Lead generations
  • Promotion of the brand
  • Analyzing customer feedback

Benefits of Outsourcing:

  1. Low cost:

It is reported that the cost associated with outsourcing is comparatively low as compared to call centers services. It does not require operational manpower, infrastructure, and labor costs which ultimately saves big bucks of the organization. Outsourcing staff have expertise in their domain so they don’t require any special trainings which is again a cost saving activity.

  1. Zero staffing issues:

In this type of setting, outsourcing company takes care of all activities such as hiring, training needs, scheduling interviews, and management of the team center agents.

  1. Focus on key operations:

It lets a company to focus more on their main product rather dealing with daily issues. Though customer service is important but key areas like production, manufacturing, and sales should also be monitored.

  1. Expert opinion:

Since the outsourcing companies have been in this business from long so they understand the criticality of questions and know how to tackle their customers in a better way.

  1. Round the clock service:

This type of service gives due benefit to customers and businesses to avail the service 24*7 without any delay. Such services run across the clock and let the user take the advantage to get the best solutions for their problem.

  1. Efficient in call handling:

Such staff has expertise in answering calls and handling queries and they can handle any volume of calls without fail.

  1. Customer satisfaction:

The most imperative part of this service is to impart customer satisfaction and undoubtedly outsourcing staff enhances the customer satisfaction and lets the customer get familiar with product and understand it from different perspective.

  1. Business growth:

Such companies are primarily hired to increase the business growth and if no profit is generated the service is useless. When a company spends lakhs on call center services, it expects some amount of profit with good figure.

  1. Doubles the profit:

It can increase the profit in a fruitful manner without losing on the existing customers. This process attracts prospective customers and has developed tricks to retain the existing ones.

The moment company outsources their operations, the expectations change and it begin to expect more profit and more customers.

It is rightly said that everything which comes with an advantage has a disadvantage too. Though these outsourcing companies have a set of advantages but there are some disadvantages allied to it which cannot be parted.

  • Data security:

Most of the companies offer full-fledged data security. But in some of the cases some companies experience data theft problems. Giving complete operations of data and other services could lead to problems at times.

  • Less control on the operations:

Since the company operations are outsourced to another company, the parent company loses most of the control over the issues. It enhances the communication problem between both and weakens the healthy business environment.

  • Less focus:

As these companies work with many firms, sometimes they lack prioritization of the work which results in less business growth and ultimately leads to the spoiled business relationship.

It can be said that call center outsourcing has both pros and cons and it is worthy for the business growth.

Author Bio:

Lisa Wayne is the author of this article. She is a technical blogger who is passionate and loves to write about technologies, call centers, help desk & outsourcing. This article is about outsource call centers in India and its benefits. Here she describes about the role of these call centers in business growth.

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