The Simple Procedure Of Acquiring Phlebotomist Training

The Simple Procedure Of Acquiring Phlebotomist Training

The medical field is very vast due to different organs in the human body which each has a unique purpose. The doctors, nurses, and physicians all take courses and study the human body to diagnose and treat effectively. Apart from the various organs, one thing that is indispensable to the human body is ‘blood’ which carries oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the human body. Blood is comprised of red and white blood cells. A blood test is an important procedure which reveals key information about a person’s health and what kind of illness he/she is going through or what are the chances of developing a chronic disease.

The person who is trained and responsible for drawing blood is called a ‘phlebotomist’ who mostly works in hospitals, private practices, nursing homes and blood donation centers. The job of a phlebotomist is quite tough because they are taking blood samples of patients and other individuals which is a sensitive thing as the blood of every person is unique and a slight lapse of concentration can cause medical complications for the patients. Phlebotomist like nurses has to study before they are eligible to draw blood. The young students who aspire to become phlebotomist must be good in their studies at high school and college so that they qualify to apply in phlebotomy training program offered in medical university. The two subjects that are essential to study with prime focus are biology and chemistry which combine to form ‘biochemistry’.

Biochemistry is a significant information source for every doctor to prescribe proper medication and treatment according to the analysis of the patients’ blood constituents. An individual’s body intakes proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are known as biomolecules. Biochemistry is thus essential to understand human health and different diseases and what type of medicine would be best to cure the ailment and relieve stress.

The phlebotomy program usually is short-term and last for six months and less than a year. During this time the certification program educates and train individuals about the basic skills necessary to become a phlebotomist which includes

  • The correct procedure to draw blood from the patients
  • Asking relevant questions to the patient before drawing blood as some individuals have bad experiencing giving blood samples in the past
  • Taking blood sample in a clean and hygienic environment
  • Cleaning the area where blood will be drawn with antiseptic
  • Carefully and gently inserting the needle of the syringe and drawing blood into the tube
  • Making micro sample collections
  • Properly labeling the blood sample according to name and contact details of the patient
  • Sending the collected blood samples in the laboratory for testing and analysis

The individuals are also taught numerous techniques to while drawing blood and how tests are carried out in laboratories. A phlebotomist is a necessary member of a medical diagnostic team and modern methods with automated tools has increased the role and work of a phlebotomist. After an individual graduate with a phlebotomist certificate, he/she is allowed to practice in hospitals, physicians’ clinics and laboratories.

Adequate provision of health care is incomplete without proper diagnosis of illness and ailments which is only possible through a blood test. The growth opportunities of a phlebotomist are increasing, and there are many incentives, and this phlebotomist can even learn additional education and training to become medical assistants and technical surgical experts. The day and evening training programs can be completed in a month while weekend programs can be done in three months

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Michael Macy is a practicing phlebotomist. He completed Phlebotomist Training Pa and now wanted to educate people and inspire young individuals to choose a career as a phlebotomist through his weekly blogs. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter.

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