Enjoy Cooking With Best Rice Cooker

Rice is extracted from the grass oryza sativa, it is a cereal grain, it has many nutritional value in it, there are many varieties of rice are there, it is the mostly consumed food in the whole world especially in the Asia continent. Rice is a monocot is grown for the entire year, there are several varieties of rice each has certain time period for growing. Minimum ranging of from 3 months to one year as a whole, it depends on the type, it is the only cereals to grown in all seasons, hence the major population depends on it as a food source. There are various varieties of rice are there some are

  • Long grain rice.
  • Basmati rice.
  • Chinese black rice.
  • Glutinous rice.
  • Jasmine rice.
  • Medium grain and brown rice.

Enjoy Cooking With Best Rice Cooker

It has several nutritional values, which has ninety percent carbohydrate, eight percent protein and two percent fat, this is the value of white rice, and it also contains sources of manganese, niacin, folic acid and thiamine. White rice contains less fiber and its fat content is omega-6 fatty acids. When, we take the brown rice, it provides more benefit that the white rice, it is a whole grain and it has four times of more fiber content in the white rice. It contains less starch then the white rice, hence takes too much of time to cook. It has 85 percent carbohydrate, 8 percent fat and 7 percent protein. It has more magnesium than white rice.

But cooking rice takes more time, in order to reduce that buy best rice cooker to your house and enjoy the beneficial value of the rice and get good health. There are many varieties of cooker are available in the market nowadays, which reduce the cooking time, In olden days people soak the rice for an hour and boil the water in high flame and then wash the soaked rice and put that into the boiling water after that they need to check whether the rice has been cooked or not. Once they get to know the rice is cooked then they has to strain the remaining starch in the rice in order to make it non sticky and to remove some starch for health benefits.

But now, there are only few thing, we has to do for cooking in the rice cooker, we have to keep the rice in cooker with some water and we can set the timer, After the rice has been cooked, the cooker automatically stops and keep the rice warm for more hours. So whenever we want rice, we can have it in a warm stage as a freshly cooked one. Types of cooker for hob are gas, ceramic plated, solid plate and induction. Now, the cooker, which is used for both hob and induction, is a trend. Also the electric rice cooker keeps the rice warm for long time and maintains rich freshness for long hours. So have a healthy food by using the right cooker. Search for the rice cooker and compare various websites and buy the exact one according to you need and enjoy rice consuming.

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