How To Become A Better Essay Writer

There is always room for improvement when it comes to writing essays. You can always become better and better and hand in wonderful essays that will bring you the best grades. Let’s see some of the best tips on how you can improve your essay writing skills and become an expert.

Stay Away from Repetition

Readers are extremely ‘sensitive’ to obvious glitches such as repetitions. If you keep mentioning the same idea, word or phrase several times throughout your essay, you will basically ruin the entire joy of reading your essay in the first place. When you are done with writing, simply check carefully twice your essay, and make sure there are no repetitions available throughout.

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How To Become A Better Essay Writer

Don’t Use Passive Voice

Using passive sentences will only make the entire essay look and feel awkward when someone reads it. Just think about this sentence: “The book was read by Shauna”. How does this sound? A little bit inverted, awkward, not natural. Instead, use “Shauna read the book”, and this is a much more natural sounding sentence that will not make the reader think about what a twisted way of writing you have.

Clichés are a no-no.

Clichés are just that: phrases and idioms everybody is tired of hearing. Some clichés typically used in essays include:

• Starting the essay with a too famous quote- try to be original and if you must start your essay with a quote, choose a lesser known person, yet someone who had a great influence on your personal development, your creativeness, etc. It can be a quote of a band/musician, an actor, a sportsman…and not necessarily the quotes of Shakespeare, Nietzsche, etc.

• Idioms and phrases that are just too common such as “Survival of the fittest”, “Better safe than sorry”, “the pot calling the kettle back” and so on. Be original. You can even come up with an idiom or a saying that is your own. It will be much more appreciated

• Don’t use too many metaphors, or you risk transforming your essay into a too philosophical piece, or a piece that no one will actually comprehend.

Use Spelling Correction Software

When you are done writing your essay, you should definitely use a spelling checker. There are probably more mistakes in there than you can dream of. Take your time to read carefully the paper, and check the suggestions of the spell checker. “Its raining” and “It’s raining” are not the same. If you leave such huge errors within your essay, you risk ruining the entire paper, and the teacher might give you a very low grade exactly because of the big but basic knowledge mistakes. Pay attention to all these tips, and you will be able to create a wonderful essay!

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