3 Interesting Facts About Panda Bears That Will Fascinate You

“Are you planning a trip to China to see panda bears? Read this article to know some fascinating facts about pandas.”

Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? Are you thinking of doing something different than your previous holidays? Traveling is never boring, alright. But at times, along with traveling and exploring new places and cities, you can do various things that will let you enjoy more and when you will come back with such cherishable experiences, you will feel like going back again. Are you wondering what you can do while you are traveling during your next vacation? If yes, then here is a suggestion for you. Book a trip to China. This country offers you the rugged natural beauty in abundance with plenty of wildlife as well as a rare glimpse of oriental ethnicity. And if you are an animal lover, there is a bonus point for you. You can opt for a tour of Wolong panda base and Dujiangyan Panda Ark. Why? Well, only these two places can offer you the opportunity to spend some amazing time with the cutest cuddly giant pandas.

3 Interesting Facts About Panda Bears That Will Fascinate You

If you have giggled to yourself for umpteenth times and wished if only you could pet a giant panda bear, then Dujiangyan panda Sarkis surely heaven for you. You will not just get to see the pandas but also, click pictures with them as well as work as panda volunteers. Surely, you must be jumping right now with childlike delight. But before you set out for the memorable trip to China, don’t you think knowing some facts about these cuddly creatures would be better? So, here, I am going to share some fun facts that will fascinate you and make you more eager to see them in person. Take a look.

Vegetarian with Carnivorous Teeth

In ancient times, pandas used to feed on the giant predators like saber tooth tigers. However, with time and evolution of nature, such predators are obliterated now. Hence, to adapt to the evolution as well as to survive, pandas have started eating bamboos. But no matter how vegetarian they are now, the carnivorous teeth and digestive tract are still there. Apart from bamboo, they love to eat fruits too. If necessary, they can have meat as well.

Panda Babies in August

Are you booking a trip around August? If yes, then you are in luck. Why? Basically, the mating season of pandas is March to May and gestation is for 5 months. The female pandas give birth to an offspring in August. So, if you are thinking of visiting China in August, then you will get a chance to see the baby pandas. In this case, you must know that, in the wilderness, one baby of the two generally don’t survive owing to its weak physical traits. However, in Chengdu, these cubs are hand reared and swapped regularly with the mothers so that they can survive. That is one of the contributory reasons why pandas are now extinct species anymore.

Five Toes

If you have paid attention to the paws of pandas, you must have noticed that unlike most other mammals, they have five toes in each of their four paws. There is also the false thumb in it the front foot, which is evolved from the sesamoid bone. They have adapted themselves so that they can use this extra thumb to grasp the bamboo for eating. They maneuver the bamboo in a fat cigar shape to eat it easily.

So, now as you know about these facts, don’t you think this cute animal is indeed amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for an efficient tour organizer and book for a panda tour in Chengdu. When in China, you can go for snow leopard Photography too. Enjoy your stay in this country and go back with a heart full of beautiful memories.

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