Gift Inspiration For The Men In Your Life

Take 2018 as a year of opportunities to give memorable, personal gifts. Sure, buying a gift card is easy, but nothing beats seeing a friend or family member’s face light up when they open a present you put thought into. The following five items are perfect for the men in your life, no matter the occasion.

Shaving is often an afterthought. Some men simply use cheap cartridge razors, while go for convenient if imprecise electric shavers. Why not gift a luxury shaving set to complete a well-deserved, luxury bathing experience? Classic shaving is making a big comeback, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation for a stylish man of the moment than a beautifully presented classic razor and all the accessories they need for the closest of shaves.

A beautifully constructed washbag is another fantastic gift to give for a traveling man. Don’t let him fling his skincare products into cases with little care or consideration. Gift him a structured and roomy washbag to accompany him on business trips or summer getaways. It’s another item that’s often forgotten about, but once he has it, he’ll be wondering why he didn’t invest in one ages ago.

One can never go wrong when gifting a handsome leather messenger bag or briefcase for the working man. Messenger bags are great because they meet both daily and travel needs. They add a touch of style to any outfit while being functional. An attractive briefcase can make all the difference for those in the corporate world, helping them to look put together.

A fine watch is a classic gift for any man. Take his style and job into consideration when picking out a timepiece. Pick a watch that he can pair with what he wears most, whether that’s a three piece-suit or a button-up and chinos. A watch can tie any look together, plus he will always think of you when he looks at it!

Another thoughtful gift to give is a pair of theater or exhibition tickets. Countless musical performances, art shows, and gallery openings take place in the city every month. Treat him to an experience he’ll be looking forward to and talking about for months afterwards.

These are only a few examples of memorable gifts you can give. We’re confident that he will not only be thankful the gift, but also the time and thought you put into picking out the perfect gift. Let 2018 be the year of strengthening relationships and great gift-giving.

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