Are Hot Tubs Beneficial To Your Skin

Hot tubs are known for their many health benefits such as soothing tired, achy muscles and relieving the pain of some physical problems. While you may think soaking in water for periods of time might be bad for your skin the opposite is actually the reality.

Skin Conditions

Edmonton Hot tubs are a great way to cleanse the skin, with an average water temperature of 100 to 104 degrees F. or 37.8 to 40 degrees Celsius it causes your body to perspire. When we perspire toxins, bacteria and mineral buildup are eliminated through the skin. Skin conditions such as body acne and the frequency of breakouts and symptoms could be helped by the hydrotherapy benefits of the hot tub.

Are Hot Tubs Beneficial To Your Skin

Anti Aging Benefits

We often believe exposuring the skin to water may cause the skin to be irritated, however the turbulence created by the hot tub jets is beneficial in skin care. As the water seeps vigorously across your skin dead skin cells are removed. This exfoliation process promotes soft, smooth skin everywhere, not just our faces. Regular use of a hot tub lowers stress and high anxiety levels, which are a leading cause of premature aging. Which means a hot tub is a great tool to combat premature aging and improve your quality of life in several ways. Further, when you experience increased circulation in the hot tub it then means your blood is delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to your skin. This is going to leave your skin with a healthy and youthful glow something we lose as we age.

Extending the Benefits

Remember the benefits of your hot tub session do not end when you step out of  the tub, what you do after is equally important. We’ve all seen videos where in some of the much colder climates people actually plunge into freezing cold water or roll around in snow when they finish their hot tub or Sauna time. The cool down is a very important step that promotes external health after enjoying the many benefits of owning your own hot tub. A good cool down involves a way such as in extreme cases rolling around in snow or submerging the body in frigid water. For our purposes, those not living in colder climates, we need to a method to allow the pores to close quickly after we exit  our hot tub. After a hot tub, try a cool shower to close the pores and wash away any chemical residue from your body after your relaxing hot tub.

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