Top 5 Reasons To Buy Diesel Generators

Diesel generator is a combination of diesel engine and an electric generator or alternator. These are used to supply electricity to various electrical appliances. Besides these two machines, a safety mechanism, sound proof system, control circuits, etc., are also included in the units.

This generator is also popularly known as Diesel Genset, which comes in various sizes to meet diversified demands that range from small houses and offices to big buildings and skyscrapers to factories. The smaller ones usually provide anywhere from 8 to 30 KVA, while the larger ones can provide up to 2000 KVA. Single phase systems are used in houses while the factories and heavy machinery areas use three phase machines. Hence, both types of diesel generators are available in the market to satisfy consumer demands.

  1. Backing up Power Supply

Power outages are a common issue in most countries around the world. Lights, fans, TVs, refrigerators, PCs and microwave ovens, etc. are necessary in our routine lives today, and in the case of a power cut, one has to face too much of inconvenience managing things. You can easily avert these circumstances of power-cuts by purchasing a diesel generator.

Diesel Genset also plays a crucial role in factories and manufacturing stations, because these places need an unrelenting power supply and even an hour or two of power failure can lead to considerable losses. Hence, using diesel generators at factories is very important to keep things going.

  1. Safety

Diesel fuel doesn’t release fumes like petrol does. It is less volatile, and there is a far lesser risk of exploding as compared to its lighter fuel counterpart.

  1. Better Efficiency Under Constant Loads

When operated for longer periods of time under constant load, diesel generators perform better with increased efficiency as compared to their petrol counterparts. Hence, using a diesel engine is beneficial, because they provide more power per litre of fuel compared to other generators.

  1. Price

Diesel is cheaper than petrol, hence in the long -run diesel generators will cost lesser than their petrol counterparts.

  1. Durability

Diesel generators are designed to work in tough environments. A diesel generator is guaranteed to work even if it is not maintained properly. Moreover, the working temperature of a diesel generator is much less than that of a petrol one; thus, it has increased reliability and durability.

Cons of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators have imperfections too. It usually produces more sound than the petrol counterparts. In order to get rid of this flaw, nowadays, most generators come within a soundproof system. Apart from this, it releases more CO2 and other harmful gasses than the others that are powered using petrol or natural gas. Lastly, with the oil prices being ever so volatile, companies and big industrial houses are thinking of moving away from these to the more eco-friendly products, like the natural gas generators or other sources, like solar energy and windmills.

A generator can not only provide power during outages, but the portable ones also help during camping activities. Purchasing a generator is definitely one of the best investments one can make.

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