7 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Failing

Did you know that over two-thirds of dieters end up heavier than when they first started? This becomes most individuals start their weight loss journey with a short-term mindset and don’t understand that losing weight and dieting should be a lifestyle. While you don’t have to starve your body or get rid of all your favorite foods to lose weight, a healthy lifestyle will set you down on the right path. In fact, a proper diet is only part of effective weight loss.

Here are seven reasons why your diet is failing.

1. You’re Too Hard on Yourself

One of the most common reasons why people fail with their diet is because they add too much stress and become too hard for themselves. Even with the best top diet pills on the market, sudden changes to your diet will only cause you to lose short-term weight. Your body will struggle with adapting to a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables if you are used to eating jump food and sugary products. It is OK to indulge in cravings every once in a while, just as long as you don’t binge on high-calorie sweet cravings.

Once your body goes into starvation mode, it will become nearly impossible for you to resist temptation. Follow a healthy diet without starving your body and start slowly.

2. You Don’t Track Your Progress

While most people already know that eating healthy will help you lose weight, not tracking your progress may affect any weight loss effort. Not being aware of what and how much you eat can also become discouraging for many of us. Keeping a diet journal of how much you eat, exercise, and water you drink will help you stay on track of your diet and weight loss effort. After all, how can you measure your progress without keeping track of your efforts?

3. No Support from Family or Friends

Having support from family and friends is essentials for those who struggle trying to lose weight. We all know that weight loss isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t have to go through this difficult challenge all by yourself. With the right moral support, individuals tend to have more will power and determination. Without it, people often tend to lose both throughout the process and ultimately stop dieting.

4. You Only Focus on the Diet

Diet along will not help you achieve long-term weight loss results. If you want to lose an impressive amount of weight, then you must also include several factors into your healthy lifestyle. Most dieters tend to fail their diet due to the lack of sleep and exercise. These two factors are important if you want to achieve weight loss.

5. Your Diet Lacks the Necessary Nutrients

Many dieters fail to understand that proper nutrition is one of the top factors in a diet. While a diet should be low in calories, healthy eating should never be low in minerals, vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. A high-fiber diet allows a healthy digestion. If you do not properly fuel your body, you will end up hungry and eventually binge on your diet.

6. You have a Slow Metabolism

People who are overweight tend to suffer from a slow metabolism. This can be difficult especially when it comes to losing weight. Many dieters don’t understand that it is all about composition and they often choose to give up if they don’t notice any results on the scale.

7. Lack of Motivation and Ambition

Many individuals struggling with weight have a continuous battle with losing the extra pounds. Even after a successful weight loss, dieters still tend to struggle to try to prevent gaining back the weight they lost. Many dieters return to their previous unhealthy habits once they lose weight, which is another reason why many fail to follow their diet. Having a strong sense of motivation and ambition will help you achieve long-lasting results.

The best way to achieve successful weight loss is to combine exercise with your healthy diet. Not only will this help you lose weight but you will also lower the risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. Try bmiSMART if you need an extra boost in weight loss efforts.

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