Ao Nang: Popular Restaurants And Bars/Nightclubs

Ao Nang is undoubtedly the busiest and most popular beach destination in Krabi Province, Thailand. This can be attributed to Ao Nang’s numerous attractions. In this article, we are going to be interested in two main attractions in Ao Nang i.e. restaurants and nightlife. Below is a detailed discussion of some of the top restaurants and bars/nightclubs in Ao Nang.

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Top restaurants

1. Echo Restaurant 

Echo stands out as Ao Nang’s most popular upmarket restaurant. The restaurant is located on the northern end of the main beach. The restaurant comes highly recommended because of many things the most notable being its excellent western fare fused with the Thai Haute cuisine. The Thai and western fusion dishes come highly recommended. The Echo’s location is also an attraction on its own given the fact that the restaurant is located on a roof top offering diners magnificent views.

2. Krua Thara Restaurant

This is another top restaurant in Ao Nang. Krua Thara is undoubtedly Ao Nang’s top restaurant for Thai sea food. Krua Thara is located 3 kilometers from the town center. It doesn’t get better than Krua Thara if you happen to be in Ao Nang and you are a seafood fanatic. The restaurant serves all kinds of seafood you can think off alongside traditional Thai cuisines.

3. Malibu Corner Restaurant

Malibu Corner stands out as the best beer and chat restaurant. The restaurant is popular among expats making it the best restaurant for interacting with foreign nationals. The restaurant serves plenty of foreign dishes i.e. Pizza, English style fish and chips, Turkish-style macaroni cheese, etc. The Malibu Corner restaurant is popular for serving huge food portions. The restaurant is located 2 kilometers inland from the beach.

Top bars/nightclubs 

Restaurants aside, Ao Nang’s nightlife is also a notable attraction. There are very many bars and night clubs which make Ao Nang’s nightlife a popular attraction. Below is a discussion of some of the most popular bars/nightclubs in Ao Nang.

1. Mr Long’s

Mr Long’s stands out as one of the best beach bars in Ao Nang although the bar isn’t located at the center of the beach. The bar stands out because of its proximity, many revelers and good reggae music. Also, the bar is relatively new which is one of the main reasons it is currently popular among locals and foreigners.

2. Chang Bar

The Chang Bar is one of the many bars behind the beach. The bar is popular because of many things the most notable being its proximity. Chang Bar is one of the most reliable places to visit for dancing. The bar is packed every night. You can sample many local and international drinks as you enjoy the company of young revelers and foreigners. The bar is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for one of the liveliest bars in Ao Nang all year round.

3. Treetops Bar

This bar is also among the most popular bars in Ao Nang. It’s one of the major centers of Ao Nang’s nightlife for its interesting structure. The bar resembles many bars built as one. The numerous amenities/services offered at Treetops Bar also make the popular bar. For instance, you can get the perfect massage as you enjoy your beer. The music is also good and the crowd is friendly. The Treetops Bar is definitely a bar worth visiting.


In summary, the above information summarizes Ao Nang’s top/most popular restaurants and bars. It is however important to note that there are many other equally good or better restaurants and bars when you consider personal tastes and preferences. You shouldn’t, however miss a good restaurant or bar to visit after reading this article and making your way to Ao Nang.

Ao Nang is also a great place to travel to nearby islands and beautiful places in Krabi Province and Phuket. You can travel by a ferry to Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. For information about the tickets online and ferry schedules visit

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