Easy and Reliable Cleaning Of Your Draperies

Clean drapes create a long lasting good impression on anyone visiting your home. On the other hand, dirty drapes speak pretty negatively of the occupants of the house. Drapes tend to make the house look more inviting and warm, but, if the drapes are left hanging dirty, they seem to speak a negative language, giving an impression of carelessness of the homeowner. Definitely, maintaining them requires labor, but leaving them dirty makes the whole house look ugly and untidy. If you are unable to clean them at home for whatever reasons, there are professionals to take total responsibility of doing so.


There are numerous professionals in cleaning draperies in Melbourne who have a lot of experience and a thorough knowledge of the process. With their cleaning services, they are able to keep your house free of dust and allergens, which more often than not, cause many ailments and allergies. With their services, they tend to keep your draperies looking the best. Considering the amount of money and time invested in giving your house the required look, these professionals can provide you the service of looking after your draperies with a lot of care.


The service provided by the professionals includes taking down the curtains and re-hanging them after they are dry-cleaned. Besides this, they also offer services in installations, new tracks, repair and a lot more. You are able to get a fair idea of the expenditure involved, as you can get a quote from these service providers on your phone itself. In case repairs are involved, you will be notified and they will go ahead only if you give them a ‘YES”.

Easy and Reliable Cleaning Of Your Draperies

Steps for Cleaning

  1. Before the draperies are taken down, they are thoroughly inspected.
  2. During the inspection, the measurements of the width and length are taken accurately, in order to avoid any type of misconceptions concerning shrinkage.
  3. Any damage like defects or stains on the draperies is noted down.
  4. Any requirements regarding the care of draperies are discussed.
  5. The tie-backs and the tassels with the draper are noted down.
  6. Any risks concerning the material of the draperies are informed and discussed.
  7. Finally, the cost is agreed upon.


You can get a quote for the cost of drape cleaning in Melbourne. To make sure you are given the right quote, you need to give the exact measurements so that it gets quicker and easier. This can be done by measuring the length of the track, or counting the amount of drops, or by simply measuring the curtain which is stretched out at the hemline. Besides this, you need to specify the length of the curtain from the top right up to the hemline.

Time Taken

The time taken for the whole process of taking down the drapes, to cleaning, and to re-hanging them usually takes around six days, but if there are repairs, it can extend up to fifteen days. Keeping in mind this, since it is not possible to be without your drapes for that long a period, there are services which offer temporary curtains for that period of time, with some additional charges. Since the delivery dates are discussed before the pickup itself, there is no room left for disagreements and misunderstandings.


Payment can be made with through check, in cash or even through credit card. This is made on the pickup of the order. The professionals add experience and a personal touch to the cleaning of the draperies, making these services reliable and safe. All you need to do is find the right professionals who would suit your requirements and you can restore the elegance to your home once again.

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