The Google Pixel 2: Advanced Smartphone With Amazing Camera

Are you interested in taking high-quality pictures with your smartphone? Google Pixel 2 is the best choice for you. It is the exclusive smartphone with a 12-megapixel camera with a f/1.8 aperture.  However, it is the ideal choice for the people who really enjoy taking a lot of photos with great details by using their phone. With this phone, you can take photos in a darker setting or will lit setting because the pixel 2 completely manages better job than any other options available in the market.

What Makes The Pixel 2 Stand Out?

Normally, the original Pixel phone has a great camera but the camera on the Pixel 2 is working better than the competition and any other technological advancement in the software. By owning this model you can experience the complete difference in camera quality. First of all, this model features electronic & optical image stabilization, laser-assisted autofocus feature, and dual-pixel phase-detection with the f/1.8 aperture.

 What Are The Unique Features Of Pixel 2 Among The Competition?

Pixel 2 is has best smartphone camera features than other phones.  Now most people prefer to buy top brands like iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8 because these are all has amazing cameras but Pixel 2 is completely different it is less saturated which means your picture look more natural. Pixel 2 allows you to take better photos at all times. You can take phones even in low light conditions because this will take relatively bright photos with also captures subtleties in the shadows and colors.

Portrait Mode:

Usually, some people enjoy taking portrait photos with Portrait Mode so Pixel 2 is designed to take phones without blurring the background and this is also called as bokeh effect. Pixel 2 only has one camera which is located back of the phone but it allows you to take great pictures in detail. The Pixel 2 is ideal for capturing more detail in the photos and it works better that competition. However, it has dual-pixel autofocus feature and it has 8MP selfie camera and it also does a great job while you capture photos in portrait mode.

 Unique Qualities:

In general, Auto-HDR+ mode is the interesting features and you can also make some adjustments based on your needs by disabling the Auto-HDR+ mode.

Dynamic Range

Overall pixel 2 has best smartphone camera features to take amazing photos with nice contrast between the darkest as well as lightest parts. This detail will be more noticeable in landscape photos. The Auto HDR+ feature is have responsibilities for capturing the appropriate levels of light as well as dark this will make your photo look natural.  This factor will be determined with three factors such as the shutter speed, the ISO and the aperture.

Pixel 2 Video quality:

The Pixel 2 has ability to record 4K video at 30fps. The video quality is amazing because it uses both electronic image stabilization (EIS) and optical image stabilization (OIS) so you will get ultimate results with 1080p at 60fps.

If you need to buy advanced smartphone with great camera features, you must go with Pixel 2. Before that you must take online reviews to understand different features as well as functionalities.

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