Characteristics Of A Good Landlord

Characteristics Of A Good Landlord

Renting a condo in Singapore is a smart choice for many, especially for expats and students. It is a much cheaper and more convenient alternative than going through the process of investing in a home purchase. And it will be much easier if you will have to deal with a landlord who is honest, attentive, and highly recommended. This article aims to help you find a landlord that you can rely on.  Check out the list of qualifications below so you can start your search for your new landlord and your new condo in Singapore.

  1. Fairness and equality – as an expat, one of the problems you might encounter is a landlord who has a racial stance. Some landlords in Singapore prefer tenants of specific race and will not allow other types of tenants to apply. If you are really interested in the condo, mention to him or her that all applicants must be considered regardless of his race, age, or profession. Show your credit history and other documents that supports that you are a reliable tenant. However, if you cannot see yourself dealing with the landlord’s racist attitude on a regular basis, then it is time to visit other condos in town. You also want to avoid landlords who only prioritize tenants who pay higher rents or those who have been living in their property for years.
  1. Transparency – it’s a good thing that your landlord is honest, but it will be better if he is transparent and reliable. He should be upfront about important details that could affect your residency in the condo. You should also be informed if there are issues with the condo that could cause you problems like weak cell phone reception issues or if there are restrictions when it comes to pets or drilling holes on walls.
  1. Flexibility – while it is already given that you need to comply to rules stated on the contract, it will be nice if landlords can offer some leeway if your payment will be delayed for a day or two due to an emergency. Choose a landlord who can work within unexpected obstacles should they happen to you.
  1. Promptness – you know that you will have no issues paying for your rent on time and following rules, but can you expect the same from your landlord? If your front door is broken and you need emergency services, can you count on her to fix the problem right away? If the company fails to adhere your maintenance or emergency requests, then this could be an additional problem on your end. Do your best to get a landlord who will get back to your concerns and can commit to a specific timeframe to deliver services.
  1. Focused on meeting your needs – the best landlords go the extra mile to show you around the community just to tell you where the nearest grocery store is or where you can take your dog for a walk. By showing you these important spots, you can imagine yourself staying in her property and doing your daily routines without a fuss. It is always nice if your landlord tries to have a good rapport with his tenants even before signing the leasing contract.

To ensure that you will have the best landlord when you move to your new condo in Singapore, get in touch with SOL. With them, you can rest assured that your landlord will make your condo living experience a walk in the park.

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