Which Handbags Are Suitable For Women and Girls

One accessory that every woman will want to have is handbag. It defines her style and look. They are meant for women and fit well with their outfits. Nonetheless, they must suit the person who carries them. Handbag is daily use accessory; ladies carry their cell phones, wallets, makeup items and other stuff in it. They come in different styles, designs and sizes. That implies each type handbag is suitable for a particular type of lady. There are those that are specifically meant for women and those that are meant for girls. So which is which?

• The Working Class Woman’s Handbag

Some women like to keep their cell phones, tabs and office documents in their handbags, along with eatables and water bottles. If you are a professional lady, you will want to go for a handbag that is stylish and good looking. So, go for a handbag that has space for all your items, it should also be durable enough. Since you will use your handbag daily, it should last for long period. As you will choose a handbag that will suit all your preferences, ensure that it can serve you professionally.

• Girls’ Handbags

Some girls use handbag to carry girlish stuff like comb, lipstick, makeup kit, cell phone, etc. If you are a university student or teenager, choose clutch or handbag that has long chains and it should be in small size. Clutches are great, especially for stylish girls. When you look at the ladies on red carpet you see those ladies need a matching clutch. Rather than going extra bulky, with outdated bags, you can go for clutches, which can match your style and class.

• The Married Woman’s Handbag

With married women, the trend is different from the rest. They stuff their handbags with children’s stuff, so they need a bigger handbag. For middle aged married women, a big leather handbag is perfect. It should be colorful and stylish. The old aged women can also carry leather handbag, or they can go for simple handbags with natural hues or with light color.

How to Buy a Right Handbag

• Consider your age and needs.

• Choose a handbag that has enough space, according to your requirements.

• For girls, they should go for bags with chains. When you buy a bag, keep chains in plastic wrap to keep it from fading.

• Avoid bags with cloth wrapping. Such bags can get torn out as time pass.

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Always ensure that you choose a handbag that meet all your preference and as you go through the handbags, consider its cost and maintenance. Choose a bag that suits you, your age and class. The theme of the bag is also a factor to consider. This entails the print, the style and the size of the bag. How will you be carrying it? On the shoulder, under the armpit or on your wrist also matters. Get a handbag you like most and use it regularly.

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