How You Can Make Promo Products Work For Your Business

How You Can Make Promo Products Work For Your Business

It is nearly impossible for you to look into your bag, desk drawer, desk top or locker and not find at least one promotional product. Brand marketing through promotional products has been proven time and again to work very effectively. People are more likely to contact a service provider who cares to give away freebies than one who does not. According to a study, at least 76% of people who received a promotional product in the last year can recall the name of the advertiser, 52% are found to experience a favorable impression from the advertiser while 76% still have the promo item from a year ago. This simply goes to show that promo items really do work when it comes to advertising or marketing a brand.

For most people, the use of promo material may seem like a no brainer but it demands much more than simply creating a promo item and handing it out. Promo items can last for a while and thus act as the first interaction your clients have with your business.This means that your promo item speaks volumes for your business.Therefore, care should be taken when creating these promo products if you want to send a positive message about your brand to your clients.

How You Can Make Promo Products Work For Your Business

So, which is the best way to make the most of your promo items?

Go For Products Your Clients Can Actually Make Use Of

To be able to do this, you need to know who your target market is. Your ultimate goal is to offer your client promo items they will actually make use or otherwise the item will be stashed somewhere and easily forgotten. If your target market is mostly moms, you can use branded shopping bags and totes as everyone uses these bags often. If you target people in the fitness sector, you can go for branded water bottles or gym bags. The key is to know who your target market is and ultimately create promo items that are likely to be used as often as possible.

Always Choose Quality First

You need to strike a balance between quality and quantity. As much as you want to create a lot of freebies to maximize on brand awareness, it is equally important to create quality freebies. When you offer low quality freebies, you create a bad image for the quality of your services or product. With quality products, you are assured that they will last longer and this increases brand awareness. Also, a poorly made product will not make your clients feel appreciated and this can easily corrupt the entire reason for the campaign.Offering high quality promo items will definitely put your brand on the map for all the right reasons.

Promo Products Too Require Killer Personality

Always remember that your competitors too are probably using promo items to market their brands. While any company can place their contacts, websites and log on a promo items, not everyone understands the need of giving the items a personality. Take a bit more time in designing your promo items and also how you put across your contacts, logo and website on the item. Many people would recommend Nalgene products for promo items with a difference. With a great service provider, your promo products will be created with creativity that will sell your brand.

Considering the Residual Value

Using promo products gives you the chance to project your brand beyond the initial recipient. A simple t-shirt with your logo, mug on a desk or a water bottle on a running track will not only show the user’s affiliation with your brand, but it also exposes your brand to other people who come into contact with the promo item. This makes promo items the best way to create brand awareness.

When done right, promotional items are definitely worth every business owner’s investment. Always consider who your target audience is and create items that show your care for them and also make it something that they can hold on to for the longest time.

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