A testosterone booster without any side effects, Forskolin

A newest addition to family of weight loss supplements is Forskolin. It has been newly established in the community of body builders as a supplement for enhancing performance.

Although there haven’t been many studies conducted to test the viability of this drug, it has gained attention as an ingredient that helps in burning of fat along with building muscle mass by boosting the amount of testosterone in the blood. It is useful for those people who have been working out intensively to attain a perfect physique.

Forskolin is an herbal supplement that is known to boost metabolism in the body resulting in more weight loss. It burns down the stubborn fat in the body giving a tighter and leaner body.

History behind the ingredient, Forskolin

It has been in use from many centuries for the treatment of various skin infections such skin burns, skin allergies, and also incase if insect bites. It was also used to cure problems of digestion like nausea and spasms in the gastric area of the body. It was used in medicine for improving blood circulation and other blood conditions.

Only in the 1970s it gained popularity as a potential ingredient that would help in weight loss as well after researches started to see the link between them.

It is derived from the roots of the plant and studied in the lab settings to increase the cellular compound AMP levels. AMP levels are adenosine monophosphate levels that deliver the enzymes to the body tissues and cells in the body. Production of AMP is stimulated by forskolin.

Gaining popularity on the supplements

The reason for which it gained popularity amongst body builders and athletes is because of its dual action on burning fat and also boosting the testosterone production in the body. Even though it is widely used by many people there have very little studies to support and give evidence to these claims. Out of the few studies conducted most of them have been conducted on male subjects and there have been no studies on the testosterone boosting effects of these supplements on women.

One of the study revealed that the usage of forskolin in women reduced hunger and hence they dint gain any further weight. But the study dint reveals any such property which proved that it leads to burning of already existing fat in the body, and the fat levels remained same.

In order to know if a person has really lost weight or not the measuring scale and numbers aren’t always a proper measure, as the weight can vary depending on the water content in the body, food intake on a particular day, muscle mass gained and also other factors. To know if there has been any substantial weight loss or not the amount of body fat burned should be counted.  Forskolin dint seem to have any impact on body fat as per many studies and hence it can’t be considered as the best option for those who are looking to lose weight and achieve fitness.


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