How to Choose the Right Cement for the Right Construction?

The foundation defines the longevity of a building. The materials used in construction have an impact on the building. However, different types of cement are used for different things.

Construction of reservoirs, marine structures, cooling towers, railway sleepers, industrial buildings, dams, bridges, flyovers, runways, or metro line, requires different grades of cement. The major categories of cement are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC). The quality of cement determines the durability and makes it weather-proof from hazardous conditions like storms, snow, rain, etc. OPC is the most widely used cement used for high-strength pre-cast concrete and plaster. It is available in OPC-43 Grade and OPC-53 Grade. OPC is ideally applied for high- rise buildings, commercial structures, roadways & runways, flyovers. PPC is cement made of gypsum and pozzolanic materials like fly ash and silica-rich earth. It is used for brick masonry, plastering, tiling & waterproofing. PPC is ideally applied for plaster & brickwork, marine work, mass concrete work, RCC work & residential construction. It is one of the largest producers of PPC cement. MP Birla is the no. 1 cement company in India for roofs, slabs, pillars, and plastering. Some of their flagship products are MP Birla Cement Perfect, MP Birla Unique, Chetak, etc. They also manufacture premium quality white cement.

PSC is a blended cement, comprising 90% glass with silicates and alumino-silicates of lime. It is created with a combination of 45-50% slag, 45-50 % clinker, and 3-5 % Gypsum. It is majorly used for a pre-cast concrete product, foundations and piles construction, water retaining structures and to add a superior finish. Slag cement is ideally applied for mass concrete works, dams, concrete road, flyovers and marine construction. MP Birla cement unique is one of the top-selling PSC cements with fewer cracks and gives an excellent finish to a structure. OPC cement sets faster than other brands of cement and makes the construction stronger. This type of cement provides a denser concrete paste matrix by reducing the pore size. Denser cement creates a protective shield from the air, water, harmful chemicals, and CO2. To keep the construction timelines intact, fast setting cement is advisable. Weather is a big determinant in the finishing of a particular construction project.

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