5 Ways To Prevent Home Fires

House fires are the topmost threat to many homeowners. Not like natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, house fires can be prevented. We don’t like to see house fire happening to other people and although it is nearly impossible to totally eradicate home fires, there are ways to lessen the chances of getting house fire, below are five steps that can help in preventing home fires.

Install and Check Smoke Alarms Frequently

A smoke alarm may not help in preventing fire; however, it can provide you with valuable time to evacuate your house if it gets on fire. For optimum coverage, smoke alarms must be placed on every part of the house, and that includes the basement and on sleeping areas.

Be Extra Careful When Cooking

A lot of people aren’t careful when cooking. Did you know that careless cooking is among the topmost causes of home fires?

One major danger is the blend of splashing of hot grease and unattended cooking. Hot grease is dangerous since can rapidly burst into flames. So it is critical to attend what you’re cooking and ensure that there’s no splashing of hot grease.

And paper towels, pot holders, and dish towels must not be near a stove and open flame since they are flammable.

Inspect the Electrical System

If you are living in an old house that has knob-and-tube wiring, make sure to replace them immediately with modern wiring that’s installed according to code. Knob-and-tube wiring is a fire hazard for it can get fire instantly compared to modern wiring.

If you are capable you can assess the wirings yourself, but if not you can always hire a certified electrician. It is also important that ground fault interrupters are installed in places that electrical sockets gets moisture like the kitchen and bathroom.

Minimize the Use of Candles

Make sure to keep candles away from things that are flammable, like curtains. Do not light candles if you are feeling sleepy – accidentally dozing off plays a role of about 12 percent of candle-related fires. Instead use battery-operated candles if you want to have a night light.

Use Up-to-date, Safety-Approved Space Heaters

If you really need to have a space heater, make sure that you will use a modern heater that has safety approval. Old heaters may have stickers, however, they don’t possess modern safety features compared to the new models and you must get rid of them. You can always ask your local providers for better space heaters that are safety-approved.

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