Emotions and Emotional Health

Emotions are powerful forces within your life. They represent the feeling, nonrational side of the mind and provide the emotional ups and downs that you experience. Emotions are also related to physical health- feeling bad emotionally may cause you to feel bad physically as well. When you are facing a difficult problem you may get headache and even worst diseases.

If your lifestyle include habitual stress you may develop many and different mental and physical diseases. They can ruin your life very quickly, that is why it is very important to control your bad emotions.

Conversely, feeling well emotionally can help you to feel better physically. For example, surgeons routinely evaluate their patients’ emotional state before operating on them, because it has been learned that the emotional state can have an important effect on patient’s chances for recovery. Improving your emotional health can thus be a powerful tool in the treatment of physical problems.

What is emotional health?

What are the basic qualities associated with emotionally healthy people? As you see the answer of that question is very important for your health in general. Check out what is your emotional health according the specialists. Most of them agree that emotionally healthy people exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are able to understand reality and deal with it constructively.
  • They can adapt to reasonable demands for change.
  • They have a reasonable degree of self-efficacy.
  • They can cope with stress.
  • They are concern about other people.
  • They have the ability to love.
  • They are able to work productively.
  • They act in ways that meet their basic need.

Emotional health is a complex quality. It is not a static condition but a dynamic process, and it does not imply total control over your emotions. You should know that your emotional state varies day by day. All of us have days when we feel good and love the world around us, but we also have days when most things seem to go wrong and feel bad and hate everybody and everything. Emotional health implies balance among the emotions. Try to keep this balance as much as possible and your life will be perfect. You have to enjoy the pleasant moments in your life as much as you can and deal with the bad things and situation in a proper manner. Remember that stress in just a part of our modern life and just take the needed time to cope with it.

A person who is emotionally healthy is not a person who has no problems, but person who has learned to adjust and cope successfully with the problems. If you manage to do so, you will be capable of living with emotional ups and downs.

From time to time, however, maybe you won’t be able to cope effectively with your emotions. The result can be a temporary state of painful emotions or a long-term disruption of emotional health. All you have to do is to be strong and seek a help from a specialist. Ask your family and friends for support. You can start practicing meditation, yoga or any kind of sport. This will make you feel better and you will overcome the problems easily.

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