Giving Your Family Beautiful Smiles

When it comes to dental care for your family, there are a few frequently asked questions. How will a healthy smile affect my child’s life? How do I find the right dentist? How do I find the right orthodontist? While you still might not have an answer to, “How do I get my six year old to stop being afraid of the dentist?” when it comes to other dental FAQs, we’ve got you covered. Getting dental care is more complicated than it first appears, and there are quite a few good reasons to give your family the best of smiles. Without further ado, here are some frequently asked dental care questions and the answers to them.

How Will a Healthy Smile Affect My Child’s Life?

It may not seem like a big deal when they’re only ten years old, but making sure your child has a straight smile could affect their future. Studies show that looking more attractive can help you get a job. It can also help you get a raise, do well in politics, and get a mate. While this doesn’t mean an “unattractive” person is unlucky, what it does mean is that we should all cultivate our best self for confidence and life opportunities. Making sure your child has a healthy, straight smile can keep them confident and doing well as adults.

How Do I Find the Right Dentist?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a dentist. You may choose to go with the office down the street, only to hate the bedside manner of the dentist. (If your six year old is already scared of the dentist, this one won’t help.) When selecting a dentist, start by seeing what dentists you can visit through your insurance. Off that list, check out reviews online and, if possible, get the opinions of family and friends. Even then, ask to meet with the dentist before you go in for a cleaning. You have the right to screen your healthcare provider, so start taking a look at local dentists.

How Do I Find the Right Orthodontist?

Similarly to how you’d find the right dentist, you likewise want to screen your orthodontist. Getting braces for yourself or your teen is a much bigger deal than going in for a cleaning, and you want to be sure you’re getting the best of care. Besides checking for insurance compatibility and checking online reviews, you’ll want to rely even more heavily on recommendations from family and friends. You can also call an orthodontist and ask about their education and experience. Similarly, you may want to choose an orthodontist with a good bedside manner, since getting braces can be an even more uncomfortable experience with a “mean” orthodontist.

When it comes to getting the best dental care for your family, you shouldn’t just go with the first dentist on the list. You also shouldn’t put off braces or other dental procedures for your child– since giving them a winning smile could even help them get ahead in life.

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