Toning masks for facial skin at home

For skin care in combination with mandatory cleansing and moisturizing, toning facial masks are used. The main task of such compounds is to influence the circulation of blood, strengthen the capillaries. Velvety color, softness and elasticity depend on the regularity of the procedures performed. Freshness and youth can be extended through natural cosmetics. Natural wealth will allow you to enjoy a blossoming well-groomed appearance for many years.

What is the mask for toning the skin for?

Age processes are inexorable, traces of time, first of all, are imprinted on the face. It becomes a thin epidermis, reduces elasticity and elasticity, and slows down blood flow and saturation with useful substances. The toning mask represents a positive stress for the skin, activates intracellular processes. It is recommended to use to restore the tone of the skin of the face, helps to refresh, rejuvenate, and remove puffiness and signs of fatigue.

Home recipes for masks tonic skin

Toning cosmetic products help to maintain a healthy complexion and youth. The influence on the bloodstream strengthens the walls of the vessels, restores the processes of renewal. At home with the help of natural ingredients, you can complete the full care of all skin types. We recommend you to check face mask reviews before using the face mask.

Toning mask for dry skin

Dull and lifeless skin needs a vitamin effect. Active elements will improve the tone and structure, relieve scaling and tightening. A great alternative to salon hardware sessions, you can spend twice a month.


  • Cucumber;
  • 10 gr. honey;
  • 2 drops of orange.

Production and method of application: grate the fruit pulp, combine with honey and orange drops. Thermal water to wipe the covers, generously distribute the finished mass. It will take about ten to twelve minutes to wait.

Toning mask for oily skin

To improve the relief, narrowing the pores, it is recommended to apply a toning scrub. The effect on the sebaceous glands makes it possible to provide a healthy matte color. To speed up the update, use it every three weeks.


  • 5 g. chamomile herbs;
  • 1 tablet of activated charcoal.

Production and method of application: grind a mortar in a mortar, mix with herbal powder. Moisten the face and apply a dry mass, after treating completely, leave for five / eight minutes, rinse, as usual.

Toning mask for normal skin

With your hands it’s very easy to keep freshness and elasticity, to take care of the prevention of wrinkles. Thanks to natural cosmetics, you can maintain a blossoming view for many years.


  • 1 tomato;
  • 5 g. rice starch;
  • Pinch of cinnamon.

Preparation and method of application: combine the cereal starch with cinnamon, add the flesh of one tomato. Refreshing mass applied to cleaned sheets and leave for no more than eight minutes.

Toning mask for sensitive skin

Tones and calms the thin epidermis of a natural mask with a banana pulp. Additional nutrition allows you to forget about dryness, improve the immune properties of the veil.


  • Banana;
  • 10 gr. buckwheat flour;
  • 2 drops of patchouli essential oil.

Production and method of application: in banana puree, add flour and aroma. Spread abundantly on the face, rest for fifteen minutes, and then remove the remains of the mask with a wet sponge. Keep reading

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