Alfa Romeo vs Giulieatta

The famous Italian car makers Alfa Romeo introduced one of its most famous brands in 1954, when the first Giulietta model was made. The spawn of this model introduced a whole new concept to the brand and made the Alfa Rome a leading manufacturer of sport sedan cars. Later on during the year the Giulieatta models bought us a number of vehicles which were produced not only in their sedan versions but also in convertible and coupe models as well. All of the versions of the car were used in motorsports in some way and most of the versions brought their drivers success and fame with their performances. The most popular models are the coupe based Sprint Zagato and Sprint Special of course, which will be forever engraved in our hearts.

But the year of 1965 marked the beginning of a new brand, the Giulia, which replaced the famous Giulietta. The Giulia was produced from 1962 to 1978 as a compact car in its sedan and station wagon styles. Along the years the vehicles has been modified and offered in various trim levels and as well changed both gasoline and diesel engines. One of them is also the stylish convertible option which brought much attention to it.

Both the Giulia and Giulieatta are Alfa Romeo’s brand names which are among the most popular ones the Italian manufacturer has produced. with the introduction of the Giulia, the Giulietta has laid dormant till 2010 when the brand was revamped and remodeled producing the newest model version in 2015. On the other hand the Giulia has also gone strong with the announcement of the newest 2016 model as a sporty rear wheel drive vehicle, the specs of which you can check here

Alfa Romeo vs Giulieatta

The newest Giulia offers quite a good all-around look and performance. People are most expecting on seeing the Alfa Romeo return to its former glory and the newest Giulia is something that can give them that. The focus is mainly set at the US buyers who will have to make a choice between the Giulia and its BMW and Jaguar competitors. But if the Alfa Romeo’s newest sedan car makes it to give performances as promised and continues on the path it has already started to tread on, we will certainly see the rise in sales both in the US soil and as well on the European front as well. The overall interior and exterior look is quite flashy and looks a bit futuristic, which can either be Giulia’s greatest advantage or disadvantage, depending on how the crowd takes it. Also, engine wise, Giulia is returning to its RWD roots.

The Giulietta is a powerful hatchback which is both efficient and solid with its maneuvering and driving capabilities. But that is not enough to make the Giulietta pass its competitors, particularly the Volkswagen Golf brand which has already taken its place in the market. But this is not to say that the newest Giulietta will not have its impact on the market as well. With some steady and smart moves, the Giulietta promises to do much more than firstly perceived. The Giulietta Sprint is perhaps an ace up Alfa Romeo’s sleeve which promises to bring the brand back to the nostalgic fans and also get some new ones on board. The differences between the base and Sprint options are greatly noticeable, because the Sprint offers changes in the exterior which makes the car muck likable and interesting to the crowd, while the inside offers some additional features that are more than useful and in conclusion offer a better set than the base one.

In conclusion, both the Giulietta and the Giulia are legendary and benchmark vehicles for its Alfa Romeo maker and ones that should be maintained. But perhaps the result that these new models show will determine the future of the brand and will decide if Alfa Romeo sees that it is profitable to have these cars around. From a fan’s point of view this is certainly a must but we shall see what the numbers say at the end. In the meantime let’s enjoy the nostalgic fun these model cars can bring.

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