A2 Web Hosting Offers Tips on What Not to Do While Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host is a necessary step before anyone can launch a whole new website. Unfortunately, mistakes can be inevitable in choosing the right provider. The following are some of the biggest mistakes that you ought to avoid no matter what.

  1. Searching for ‘Top Web Hosts’

When people search using the keyword “top web hosts”, they can be redirected to review sites. These are sites which are designed to craft reviews for different companies and rank them according to their overall quality. Openly speaking, do not trust some, if not all, of it. Most review sites earn money by getting paid by the web host companies they feature. They will just most likely rank companies according to how much each company pays them for every signup. Thus, most data are actually fake. However, there are also web hosting review sites that are true to their word. We also can’t generalize this notion.

  1. Looking for ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosts

Most budding entrepreneurs who want to start their online venture or fresh bloggers who are excited to launch their first blog asap might easily get enthusiastic upon seeing the word “unlimited”. However, the word “unlimited” can’t really work in the web hosting industry. It’s an impossibility for clients to be able to host unlimited domains with just a single hosting account. Perhaps they mean “unlimited bandwidth or storage for those with unlimited budget”. Don’t easily fall into this trap.

  1. Price over anything else

Setting the pricing as the only factor in choosing your web host is totally not ideal. Although cheap packages are good for your pocket, the purpose of setting up a site or blog to earn will be defeated if you can’t be given a decent web hosting service. However, there are really those websites that offer real value, such as that of a2 web hosting. If you have friends who are currently enjoying affordable yet high-quality web host services, do ask for their first-hand recommendations.

  1. Ignoring the ToS

The Terms of Service and Mailing Policy are ignored most of the time. Not reading the ToS means unwanted trouble eventually. Read this page thoroughly to know the exact coverage of their services as well as their refund policy. Before believing their “hassle-free refund” banner, check out the ToS first and further see for yourself.

  1. Signing up for a longer period of time

If it’s your first time trying out a web hosting company, don’t immediately sign up for the annual plan and pay in advance for the long-term coverage. You might have a hard time getting your money back should you end up unsatisfied sooner or later. If the site has a trial period, that would be awesome. Try that out. However, if they only offer monthly or yearly subscription, choose the former. This way, you can still have the chance to explore the actual quality of their service before committing to a longer plan.

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