4 Must-Know Facts About LED Showerheads

LED showerheads have come to storm the bathroom and vanity market at a tremendous rate than any other bathroom design has done over the years. Well, it is not entirely surprising. This is most likely because of its many advantages and facts about LED in showerheads. And of course, nowadays, LED showerheads are important pieces of bathroom designs. Here are 4 amazing facts you should know about LED showerheads.

1. Help to set the mood:

Did you know that having a colorful atmosphere can set your mood for a moment and even an entire day? Yes! That is what LED showerheads leverage. They can give you a wonderful bath experience with an ambient impression on your mind that sets your mood for the day. The hues and light from a LED showerhead can also influence your mindset. They can trigger moods such as optimism and romanticism. Studies have shown that basking in an area of light intensity can help set mood positively or negatively. You can set your mood, while you take charge of your day staying under LED lights as you shower to enjoy the therapeutic ability to relax and charge your day with positive vibes.

2. Offer healing therapy:

Apart from the fact that taking a bath or a shower is hygienic, it is also known to be comforting and relaxing to the body. LED showerheads are a great propeller of this relaxation and healing therapy for the body and the mind! They are a great source of healing in steaming, chemotherapy, aromatherapy, and so on.

3. Check temperature:

LED showerheads can make you know what temperature range your water is at before you get baptized under it. They are designed with a hidden dynamo that allows the water temperature to alter the colors of light emitted by the LED.  A good LED showerhead can accommodate and tell temperatures of water between 50 and 800C. There are thermometric sensors in the LED light panel that record the degree of coldness or the hotness of the water and then trigger unique hues that make you know the likely temperature of the water. It is important to note that they do not predict the exact temperature of your bath water; they merely give you a range of the water temperature so you can know what to expect.

4. Help to conserve energy:

Against the popular beliefs of many that LED showerheads consume a large amount of energy, it is totally energy conservative! Such showerheads don’t require electric supply or the need for battery options like some sensor faucets and showerheads. The hues of light at different temperatures are triggered and reflected by the water running through the showerhead. LED showerheads use an impressive modern technological design where water can trigger photons of light when in contact with some dynamo in the LED panel.

There you are! These amazing facts surround the technology and therapeutic abilities of LED showerheads. Do you need something like this in your home? You can shop for amazing LED showerheads, now!

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