Affordable Places to Retire on the Water

When many think about retiring, they think about a leisurely lifestyle full of ocean views and a slower pace. It’s precisely this dream that causes so many people to retire to beachfront views or lakes, which in turn drives the cost of living in many of these states and cities up. However, with many people in America not having substantial retirement savings, it can be hard to imagine any kind of retirement involving a move to another city. That being said, if you’re interested in retiring and moving someplace near the water and are on a budget, you aren’t out of luck. Here are some of the best places to retire on the water that pair affordability with beauty and relaxation.

Affordable cities to retire to in Michigan

Although many people think of oceans when they think of retirements, retiring to a lakefront city is another way to get near the water for less money. If lakes are what you’re after, Michigan — full of a variety of lakes and serene vistas — is a great pick. One affordable city to retire to in the Wolverine State is Traverse City. It’s known as a popular tourist destination for its cherry festival and arts scene, including a film festival. Traverse City is located near Grand Traverse Bay as well as Boardman Lake, offering you two options to live by the water.

Another small town in Michigan worth considering is Grosse Pointe, which is close enough to Detroit to offer a lot of culture without sacrificing a home near Lake St. Clair.

Affordable cities to retire to in Florida

One of the most popular destinations in the country to retire to, Florida still has some options that are affordable enough to fit any budget. If you’re looking for a place to live on the Gulf of Mexico, it’s hard to beat Naples, Florida. In fact, Naples is such a friendly community when it comes to its senior population that over fifty percent of those living in Naples are of retired age. If you’d rather live near the Atlantic Ocean, another great option is Stuart, FL, which features tons of recreation and hospitals nearby. Plus, with Disney World in Orlando and exciting boat tours in West Palm Beach just a car ride away, there’s plenty to do in Florida when your grandkids come to visit!

Affordable cities to retire to in New Jersey

If you’re seeking an east coast city to retire to, New Jersey is a great option. One great location near the water is Surf City, a small, suburban community right on the water. Surf City, NJ is home to a variety of small local shops and pristine beaches, making it one of the best-kept secrets on this list. Avon-by-the-Sea is another solid option, offering a small town, suburban feel without sacrificing your proximity to the water or cost. After you move to the coast, you’ll likely want to find a boat dealership in New Jersey so that you can enjoy all your new home has to offer.

Affordable cities to retire to in Alabama

Although Florida may be one of the most popular places in the south to retire to, Alabama offers many of the same benefits and affordable locations, too. Orange Beach is one popular destination in Alabama, thanks to its small population as well as its low home values and rental costs. One other city to consider in your search for cities to retire to is Fairhope, AL — a similarly low cost of living area close to Fairhope Pier and Mobile Bay. Another benefit of moving to the Heart of Dixie is that there are plenty of home builders in Alabama able to help you design and build the home of your dreams.

If you’re looking to retire near the water, there are plenty of affordable options that allow you to make the most of your budget. From the east coast to the south and Gulf Shore, with a little research, you’ll be able to find the ideal place for you to live out retirement worry-free.

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