Top 7 Ways How To Treat Sun Spots On Face

Top 7 Ways How to Treat Sun Spots on Face

Sunspots are flat brown spots that occur on the skin parts, which has been exposed to the sun over an extended period. They vary in appearance; looking as either lighter or darker than the person’s normal skin. They come in different shapes and colors. Individuals with lighter skin are more susceptible to this condition. These spots can affect the skin at any part of the body but mainly occurs on the face, arms and the neck. Their occurrence on the face causes a totally an unpleasant feeling and can lead to permanent scars if left untreated. Therefore, an appropriate and timely treatment can be a real remedy to this. Following are ways on how to get rid of the sun spots on face.

1. Use Of Lemon Juice

The mild acid contained in lemons assists in making the dark spots on the skin lighter. It also facilitates the removal of the dead cells of the skin and aids in the regeneration of fresh skin cells. To achieve this, gently apply a fresh slice of lemon or lemon juice directly on the areas affected 2-3 times daily. Allow the lemon juice to remaining on the facial sunspots for twenty minutes before washing it off. Alternatively, prepare a spreadable paste by mixing enough sugar with some good amount of lemon juice. Using this paste, scrub your face and then wait for five to ten minutes before rinsing it off. Repeat this daily for a couple of weeks, and you will get back your glowing skin in a while.

2. Use Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to have valuable natural healing properties. Applying its gel on the face helps in the regeneration of the skin cells naturally. Besides, it brings healing to the spotted parts of the face damaged by the sun exposure. You may opt to obtain the gel directly by squeezing it out from Aloe Vera plant or buying a cream enriched with it. For excellent results, keep applying this for at least two months and make the sunspots gradually and effectively fade away.

3. Use Of Either Milk Or Milk Butter

With milk or its butter with you, never worry again about the sunspots on the face. Either is an incredible home remedy for this condition. Milk has lactic acid that aids in skin lightening as well as the formation of new skin cells once correctly used. Apply either milk on your face. Let it remain in place for 15 minutes then gently wash it off your face. In the case milk butter, use cotton balls to apply it on the affected parts of the face. Keep doing this twice daily till satisfied with the results.

4. Castor Oil

The use of castor oil has been proven to give a fantastic outcome in treating the sunspots on the face. It has strong healing properties and once properly used, it can help restore your flawless face. Using cotton balls, apply castor oil on the affected parts of the face with a gentle massage for a few minutes. Allow it to remain for 3 hours then was it off. Along wit it, you can use coconut oil, olive oil or vitamin E. Continue doing this every morning and at night until the spots fade away.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are determined to achieve excellent results while treating skin conditions, Apple cider vinegar is a perfect choice. It works awesomely well for facial sun spots. It makes them dry out with ease and enables them to fade out faster. Make a solution by diluting some apple cider vinegar using an equal amount of water. Apply this solution on the spots and wash it off after a couple of minutes. Repeat this daily for 2-3 weeks.

6. Sandalwood

This is an antiseptic and an anti-aging agent that helps reduce skin hyperpigmentation and remove the spots on the skin. Mix two teaspoons of sandalwood powder, rose water and a teaspoon of lemon juice and glycerin. Apply this mixture on the spots and leave it to dry naturally.

7. Use Of Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is performed by applying a chemical solution on the face. This rubs and peels the superficial skin layer of the face to uncover the new healthy layer of the skin free of the spots. This is among the most efficient ways to get rid of the sunspots.


The various remedies described above will assist in getting rid of the sun spots on face when appropriately used. Try them today to get your shiny look back. Consulting a dermatologist or a skin specialist for an advanced care to the unresponsive cases is advisable.

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