Keeping The Customers Happy: Strategies For Great Web Design That They Will Absolutely Love!

Keeping The Customers Happy: Strategies For Great Web Design That They Will Absolutely Love!

Web design is about creating a functional, streamlined website that has a good design. This can be tough to achieve but you need to work at it if you intend to attract customers to your website and get some conversion while you are at it.

It is About the Bottom Line

Your website is the global face of your business or institution, so you simply cannot take any chances with how it looks and works. Studies show that the design of your website is the determining factor for a customer regarding whether to should trust your company or not, not the content within it. This means that the web design directly links to your company’s bottom line.

Let’s take a look at some of these strategies, shall we?

If it is Important make it Clear

Now, the decision on what is important should be made based on what the customers wants to know more than what you want to tell them. It makes no sense to make a customer scroll all the way down through numerous press releases to find a contact number, right? So just think, “What would I like to know if I were a customer?” and then make the proper decisions.

How do your Processes End?

What do your customers see at the end of a particular process or transaction? How do they know whether it has undergone successful completion or not? Do they even know at all? Your website is like your customer care center and sales desk and all those interaction points in your business. Just as your customer care staff would end a process with clear and personable communication, your site should do the same because both situations determine whether the customer will come back or not.

Apply Fitts’s Law

Fitts’s law states that the time required to move to a target area on a computer screen is a function of the distance between the user and the target as well as the size of the target. Simply, the larger an object is and the nearer it is to the starting point of the user, the more attention it will attract and the easier it will be for the user to use it.

This law can help improve the usability of your website. Simply make the commonly used button bigger and place them nearer to the user’s starting point. It will improve the efficiency of using your website and keep your customers happy.

Direct the Movement of the Eye

Design reviews and studies show that we simply cannot resist directional arrow or looking at something that someone else is looking at. For instance, if you are walking along the street and find someone staring in a certain direction, you will automatically look to see what the attraction is. You can use this principle in your website to direct people to the information you would like them to know.

These are just a few of the strategies you could apply and you are guaranteed to have happy customers and a better-looking profit margin. All the best!

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