Why Happiness Is Elusive And Hard To Achieve For Some People?

Unfortunately, many people in this world are unhappy. One likely reason is that they look for happiness in the wrong places. Very likely, we often say that “I will be happy if…..” Obviously, achieving our goals and dreams is great, but once this happens, we should make sure that our initial excitements won’t wear off. Many people think that they can get happiness if they travel a lot along with their perfect mates.

However, they may eventually find out that it is not really necessary to have a perfect mate to travel and look for happiness. In fact, married people often need to stay home to raise their children.

The moment we realize that our happiness isn’t based on our own set standard, we will have drastically different view on happiness. Sure, we could be happy at the beginning when we achieve our goals, but such a joy last only so long. As an example, once we find our perfect mate, the “happy” relationship could become a routine and we end up waiting for another big thing that can make us happier once again.

Once we get the promotion that we dream of, we may have more responsibility and this could elevate our overall stress level. Once we get our perfect house and move in, we could become more pressured financially as we need to pay mortgage and utilities every month. Eventually, routine nature may life may start to kick in and we will look for additional things that could make us happier.

Regardless of our dreams, we should stop right now and consider whether we are wasting our mental effort for something that isn’t really a cause of happiness. This is more likely to happen if we rely too much on external factors to gain happiness. There are many happy people and they may not be wealthy.

We could easily spot happy people, they are smiling more often and even when they talk, their voice seems to be infused with joy.
If we look closer, we may find that happiness isn’t related to what they own. In fact, achieving happiness can be easier or simpler than many of us think. Often, we are the one who make it more difficult to achieve happiness.

It should be easy to attain happiness and the procedure we need to follow shouldn’t be drawn out. Happiness simply comes from inside. It isn’t an external factor and it’s clearly an internal factor. True happiness can be achieved when there isn’t anything that can prevent us from achieving it. There are many factors that are not really obstacles and they become obstacles because we make them like that.

An easy step is by waking up each morning and saying out loud that we are happy today. In fact, we are very likely to become happy that day, because we decide that we are happy today. Stress and pressure at work may go away, but this simple practice can dramatically change the way we react to external factors.

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