The fiscal year 2014 witnessed 653, 000 naturalization of immigrants in the US, making the total number of naturalized citizens in the country 20 million. If you wish to apply for the US citizenship in the future, you must obtain the green card. The process of green card acquisition is long, and you must meet several eligibility criteria to start the procedure. When you consider all the aspects of how to get the US green card, you must also remember the many factors that may result in a rejection of your application – ineligibility, not meeting application requirements, or even administrative errors.


The good news is that this is not the end of the road.

You can appeal for reconsideration within 30 days of the notification of the decision, along with a filing fee of $630 (this may change and you should verify it at the time of filing your application). Yes, it’s expensive. So, before starting the process all over again, we recommend that you do your homework well. Make sure that you qualify for the permanent resident status in the first place, and know the top reasons for which your application might be (lawfully) rejected.

1. Medical Issues

You will have to attach a clean medical exam report with your application for admission as a lawful permanent resident. You might be refused a permanent residence status if your health report reveals that you have a communicable disease or any physical or mental disorder that can be a threat to the public. Your application will also be rejected if you fail to provide a proof of the required vaccination.

2. Police Record

You might be denied a Green Card if your police record reveals that you have committed certain types of crimes such as drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, fraud, and religious hate crimes, among others. Be honest while answering the security and crime related questions in the form. Anomalies in your information could lead to a denial of your residency status.

3. Security Issues

Your association with any terrorist group or an organization that the US considers dangerous will disqualify your green card application.

4. Possibility of Becoming a Burden

If your profile suggests in any way that you might become a dependent on the government for subsistence, your file will come under the ‘public charge’ category, and in that case, you will not qualify for a green card. However, you are not likely to end up in that class if your sponsor signs an affidavit of support for you.

5. Immigration Violation

Green cards are not meant for those who have entered the US through some unscrupulous means, stayed on in the country by violating the terms and conditions of their visa, or gained entry by misrepresentation. Having the right visa improves your chances of getting the green card.

6. Failure to Meet Application Requirements

Filing for permanent residency calls for the most meticulous documentation. Failing to provide what is requested can result in denial. So, follow the instructions carefully.

7. Job Change after Filing of I-140

Having a proper work visa allows you to change your employer. But in order to ensure the continuation of your green card application processing, you will have to meet certain requirements. Also, your new job must be the same as, or similar to, the one you mentioned in the labor certification and I-140 petition.

Hundreds and thousands of people aspire to live the American dreams, but not all of them can achieve that. If you want to make the US your permanent home, first research how to get the US green card. The path to getting the green card can be tedious, but you cannot afford to commit any mistake. Be extra careful with your documentations. If you find the process too complicated or overwhelming, seek the advice of an immigration attorney.

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