Best ABS Techno Cars Launched In The World?

Best ABS Techno Cars Launched In The World?

Have you been looking for some information about Best ABS techno cars in launched in the world? Worry less more Herein is a short but a very informative article on the same. Well, this year, the edition of classic world techno-classical has come into the hot stage after being officially opened by some professional visitors early this year More than 2500 exhibitors across the continent booked and presented themselves for a wonderful exhibition. In fact, more than 220 classic clubs and various communities of interests made the 2014 TECHNO-CLASSICA one of the world greatest meeting of vintage cars and the current young timer scene. Actually, TECHNO-CLASSICA has set a trend of vintage cars scene year in year out and has become the most crucial meeting as well as market place for international classic scenes. Some of the brands of cars that were launched this year includes the following


This is a new Italian-designed car. Its body of manufacturing is Zagato manufacturers, an oldest company which was started back in 12919 and still in existence up to today. On its 95th birthday this year, the company presented the Halle 6 legendary creation of Zagato on basis of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo and Maserati among others.

Best ABS Techno Cars Launched In The World?


The brand this year is celebrating 100 years of its existence with the trident. For the very first time, this brand will be presented with the official company stand. It will be fascinating with the new as well as the historical Maserati sports car.


This is appearing 3rd time in the cars alliance. It was originally a British brand. It is presenting itself for the very first time in TECHNO-CLASSICA having a stand. It is laid out by AC Europe distribution formula automobiles.


This year, Mercedes Benz continues with its traditions of spectacular historical presentation at the TECHNO-CLASSICA. For the 2014, it is under; MAGIC MOMENTS-120 YEARS MOTOR SPORT as the main title. – It is showing a total of 13grand prixi cars, 4 rally cars and also 4 special vehicles. This vehicles ranges from the racing transporter all the way to F1 safety car. – The Mercedes Benz clubs (17 German club) except cross country car club, the classic Centre and also some Mercedes Benz classic partnership enterprises presented themselves.


Since it took over as a brand of Rover group BMW in 1994, The NEW MINI recalls to the greatest and highest success of the old Mini brand on the sensational season of rally.

To conclude, it has been a tradition that the TECHNO CLASSICA is being used by a lot of communities and several classic clubs with interest to show themselves off as well as their performance to the expected number of up to 200,000 visitors annually. With up to 200 plus presentations, they normally make world fair enough for vintage, prestige, classic, restorations, motorcycles, motor sports as well as the spare parts world club meeting to the world greatest forum. Many of them has been participating since late 1980s. Anyone who wish to participate in the exhibition should not hesitate but go for a DSA driving, do the DSA Practical Test and join the exhibition during the start of any year to market their car brands.

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