Your Body After Giving Birth: What To Expect

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Becoming a mother for the first time is incredible feeling and cannot be compared to anything else in the world. You have carried your child for nine months and now comes the time for the two of you to finally see each other. Every new mom reacts in her own way to giving birth and motherhood, but it is a fact that during pregnancy and after childbirth bodies change. It is not always easy to undergo all these changes, and while some are nice and you may like them, like your breasts getting bigger, the other ones are not so nice. We give you a list of changes you can expect after childbirth and the ways to handle them.


Your womb doesn’t have to be big enough for the baby, so after you give birth it starts shrinking back to the size it had before pregnancy.  Afterpains may occur as the uterus contracts down to its previous size and position. These pains are not sharp, rather they resemble mild labor contractions, and they usually occur while you are breastfeeding your child.


In the first days after giving birth your breasts will contain ‘first milk’, colostrum, full of nutrients and antibodies which will keep your baby safe from the infections. Real milk will appear in your breasts after a few days and this may cause your breasts to swell, the will be hot and tender to the touch. Your nipples will be incredibly sensitive in the beginning, and this may cause uncomfortable feeling when you start breastfeeding, but it will ease after about five days. If it keeps being uncomfortable for you, talk to your breastfeeding counselor or your midwife.

Your Body After Giving Birth: What To Expect

Your Weight After Giving Birth

First few days are crucial for you and your baby and it is during this time that you’ll lose weight quickly. But this will stop, and if you put on more weight during pregnancy, it may take some time to lose it afterwards. Extra fat stays in your body since it is necessary for breastfeeding. It will take some time to go back to your pre-pregnancy shape, but be patient and it will pay off.

Sex Life After Childbirth

In the first month or so after childbirth, you will be too exhausted and possibly in pain to even think about sex. Low libido is common during this time, because your body needs to go back to normal. Estrogen levels will be low for quite some time, and your vagina will be less lubricated, end even longer so if you’re breastfeeding. When the time comes for you to go back to sex, use wet lubricants (water-based) to reduce discomfort and enjoy more.

Your Body After Giving Birth: What To Expect

You are aware that emotional changes are to be expected and so you can find yourself experiencing sadness, happiness, disappointment and physical and emotional content.  You may feel pain after your caesarean, be bruised, exhausted, or even depressed. No matter how you feel, remember that it took nine months to get where you are now, and it will probably take your body just as much time to recover. It is an enormous physical and emotional upheaval you just went through, give yourself some time to get strong again. Your partner, friends and family will be there to support you and help you in your recovery.

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