3 Basic Camping Equipments

We all know that camping is an exciting activity and it is often the most affordable way to release stress. We could be exposed to many things during our travel and the nature could dominate us while we stay outdoors. We should have proper camping equipments and kits while we camp. First-time campers should know about things that they need to carry. This will ensure a relaxing and exciting trip. Campers shouldn’t bring too many items and we should be able to narrow down our choices. Many new campers make mistake by carrying too many things with them, which would eventually wear them down and cause disorganization in camping site. Even experienced campers need a number of years to define the most ideal items to carry. New campers need to see what more experienced friends are carrying. By doing so, they can absorb the knowledge and experience of their friends faster. There should also be clear agreements between fellow campers that they can borrow tools and equipments, in case they are damaged or lost.

1. Checklist

Checklist should also be considered part of the equipment that campers carry with them. It should clearly define what we need to carry during our trip, such as field cooking utensils, water bottles, map, compass and others. At the camping site, the checklist will allow us to reorganize our items and we would know if our items are lost, damaged or expended. By failing to make reorganize our items, we could find out that we have lost our compass and didn’t have an opportunity to borrow one from friends who have a spare compass. The more items we carry, the more important our checklist is. Before it gets dark, we should re-check our items and equipments to know that we still have enough of them to survive the next day.

2. Proper Footwear and Clothing

These items can help us feel comfortable in any kind of ground and weather conditions. We should be aware of the climate and weather that we will be dealing. Our clothes should be durable and have proper quality. They also need to be light and can dry quite easily. Lighter clothes can make our backpack more manageable to handle. Good quality shoes could also protect feet against rocks, water and cold mud. We should prioritize our safety, so we need to wear shoes and clothes that best match our requirements,

3. Survival kit

Many of us like to camp in the middle of the wilderness and it is highly recommended to carry the survival kit. They could keep us alive during emergency times. There are items that should be available in the survival kit, such as potassium permanganate, waterproof bag, plasters, sterile wipe, sterile wound dressing, water sterilization tablet, notepaper, waterproof matches, flint and steel, tinder, pencil, compass, whistle, wire saw, heavy duty twine, tin opener, small knife and fishing wire. These simple items could really make our life easier during emergency.

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