Bring It On: Prepare Your Home For Having An Amazing Party

A party is an ultimate social gathering and a great way to have fun and celebrate life together with family and friends. For that reason, you want a kind of party that is almost perfect and an experience that everyone won’t likely forget.

But, planning to throw an awesome party is a tricky task to do. The problem is that you don’t have any idea where to start first, and sometimes if you don’t handle things in the right way, your whole effort and dream party will do down the drain.

Bring It On: Prepare Your Home For Having An Amazing Party

However, don’t be worried, in fact, bring the party in the house because here are the things you need to consider to have an amazing and most unforgettable party you’ve ever had.


Deciding your ideal party if it should be having a theme or not is also a thing to be considered. A themed party will be easier for your guests to feel included in the group and be comfortable. In some instances, when someone doesn’t know what to wear before going to a party, they somehow feel a little uneasy when they’ve shown up.

Additionally, themed parties are enjoyable! If you’re planning a holiday party, asking your guests to wear accordingly to the holiday is not a bad thing to do. If you are planning a house party, there are themes you can replicate such as black & white, toga or Greek, the 1980s, masquerade,  jungle/Amazon or Western Attire.

In regards to your preparation, you will have a lot of decoration or designs to choose from that will work together. Use your creative mind and come up with an excellent idea that will set the right mood for your event.

Light’s The Mood

Your ultimate party is incomplete without wonderful party lights. Party lights are one of the coolest ways to add an alluring and distinctive atmosphere to your party extravaganza.

There are a lot of astonishing lightings ideally for events like parties such as fairy and black lights, glow in the dark balloons and other types of lighting. You just have to choose the right lighting that will fit the kind of party you like.


Your guest can’t take an amount of time standing around or having a disingenuous conversation with someone and tend to feel bored at the corner. It’s a house party, not a kind of event to become bored, in fact, you must prepare some entertainment for them.

Bring It On: Prepare Your Home For Having An Amazing Party

Have your guests something to do and be entertained besides doing nodding, smiling and criticizing themselves for not going to the other places like the club. Activities like playing cards, ping-pong, and beer pong table, darts and dart board are some of the fun ideas you can choose for entertainment.

Food and Drinks Supplies

People whose going to parties are expecting to be well fed. Keep in mind that you must also consider guests and some folks they might bring with them. Be careful of your food choices, some of these people are vegan, and you don’t want them to be offended by just serving food they can’t eat.

The point is everyone must be equal regarding the food they eat, and availability of food selection is an essential factor to consider if you wish to have an unforgettable party. When it comes to the beverages, you need to have rum, beer, white and red wine, vodka and a couple of chasers. Equal drunkenness opportunity is the best goal for your guests.

Bring It On: Prepare Your Home For Having An Amazing Party

A picky eater and a pretentious wine connoisseur are common in the group, and you don’t have the energy, time and patience to listen to their complaints, so you must do your best to keep their mouth full, for you not to hear them talk shits.

Set The Right Music

Set the right playlist. A good selection of music drives the moods of your guests. One of the things to wonder is what the best choices of music you will play at your party.  Book a DJ if possible or look for you homie that is having DJing skills is the best choice for you to make.

Another thing is no one asks you to become DJ, but since the invention of the computer and iPods, you can be your own party’s DJ easily. You can use Spotify and iTunes to play on your iPad or computer with a quality speaker and start to play it in the same room as the dance floor.

If your guest has a wide difference in tastes of music, playing a different type of music will be a lot of help to catch their attention throughout the evening. Party kind of music such as hip-hop, house, electro, rap, and other types of music that has a good beat which makes the people dance are the best choices for your playlist.

Secure All Your Things

If applicable, preparing your home for a total mess up, this means you must hide all the things that can easily break and things you don’t want to touch by anybody. Lock up the bathrooms and all the rooms that you don’t want to make a mess of someone or random people.

It is necessary that these things are in secured condition because you cannot anticipate what possible things might happen in the middle of the party. It is also to avoid unwanted occurrences such as missing or damaged items on your property.

Making the Guest List

Choosing who to invite is one of the factors that can make or break your ideal kind of party. While choosing the people that are going to your party, you also need to invite good friends that could help you with this kind of activity. Your guest list must include good players to guarantee that things stay on a smooth run.

If you have a friend with a penchant for cleanliness and orderliness, be assured that you send him an invitation as you need someone out there to make sure things will not get messy. You also want your another homey that works as a bouncer in a club to include on the list to maintain the event in order. In case there are some issues, you can use some physical reinforcements.

Bring It On: Prepare Your Home For Having An Amazing Party

A friend who does not drink must also be included in the guest list as well. You will need someone that’s in good condition to open the door for arriving guests, angry neighbors, and a police officer, in case.

Make a list of all the activities or job you don’t want to do in your party and after that invite some friends to work with those jobs if possible. Additionally, you also need a lot of help to clean up the mess after the party is over because you can’t do the cleaning all alone. Your only major role is to become the ultimate host that will handle the party.


It is true that preparing for a good party has a little bit difficult, but with proper planning and execution, nothing is impossible. Always keep in mind that a great party lies in a pleasant ambiance, entertainment, a playlist that will make the guests feel alive, foods and drinks. And the most important thing is the safety of everyone. Either you’re going to a party or planning for a house party always remember to party responsively.

Author Bio:

Yassi Parrish is a blogger and a single mom. She has an interest in home improvement for better living. She visits sites like Black Mango for her sources when she writes articles. In her vacant time, Yassi loves to attend parties and look for enjoyments in life.

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