5 Security Features You Need To Check For While Playing 24×7 Rummy Games

Every time you played rummy online, bet you always were worried about the safety and security of playing on these online portals. While most of the 24×7 rummy websites make tall claims about the secure platform they provide, it is only the credible and trusted ones that go out of their way to ensure they provide secure gaming platform to the ‘T’. Then, how do we ensure we are playing on the secure site, which protects the safety of our sensitive information and secure all the transactions that we make online?

Here is a list of handy tips just for you to help you tackle your doubts about safety concerns pertaining to rummy sites.

Best web encryption

In computer programming, by means of encryption, you convert plain text or any other details that you enter into an encoded version. The details can be decoded only when the other entity has the decryption key to convert the encoded details to a readable form. This is considered to be one of the most important methods of data security when data is transmitted over the internet. All the major rummy sites which put player information security as the highest priority have the best in class web encryption in place.

Secure online transactions

Every time you make deposits to join cash tables or withdraw cash, 24×7 rummy games websites need to provide safe and secure online environment for all the transactions that you make. The onus lies on the rummy sites to ensure that you transfer or withdrew money without any apprehensions. Renowned websites provide secure payment gateways and to assure the safety of any transactions that you make. Always, play with reputed and authentic rummy websites to be assured of a secure gaming platform. 

Random Number Generator (RNG) certification

The authentic rummy sites are evaluated and certified by iTech Labs for random number generation. They use a well-known algorithm along with RNG hardware to generate numbers randomly. This certification is the conclusive proof of the fair play observed on these platforms. Also, rummy websites go out of their way and display their Random Number Generator Certificate so that any player who wishes to check their authenticity may have a look at the same.

Monitoring of the tables

Also, these websites have systems in place where the tables are monitored 24×7 in order to check for any kind of fraudulent activities. The measures implemented monitor each table right from the start of the game till it ends. You assured a fair gaming experience all throughout.

Protection during internet disconnection

If unfortunately due to some reason your internet connection disconnects and your game halts abruptly, the reputed rummy sites have systems in place where player protection is ensured. During such unfortunate event, the system groups the cards as the player had grouped before the disconnection.  By this way, you are shielded from mid-game drops.


Online rummy game are really interesting. But, you need to ensure you play on the genuine websites to enjoy the uninterrupted, hassle-free and secure gaming experience. It is time you realize this and take prudent decisions while selecting the websites to play.

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