Fun Holidays In Ludhiana, A Popular Tourist Destination In Central India

Fun Holidays In Ludhiana, A Popular Tourist Destination In Central India

Ludhiana is a major city in Punjab. It has long been the hub of commerce, education, and healthcare in the state. Plus, the city is also a popular tourist destination beckoning travellers across India to spend the holidays here. Head to the city to explore it and for accommodations choose from best hotels in Ludhiana .

Ludhiana, largely popular as the Manchester of India, is one of the most significant cities in the central India. The city is one of the best cities in the country to live. With a high capita income, the living standards at the city are high. Thus, making it one of the most sought after cities in the country where one would like to build a home. The city is the largest city in the parent state Punjab, and is about 100 km from Chandigarh, the capital of the state. Chandigarh is also the location of Chandigarh International Airport, which is the nearest airport to Ludhiana.

Meanwhile, it is the manufacturing industries and agriculture that brings the major percentage of revenue to Ludhiana. There exist huge number of hosiery yarn mills, knitwear factories, and factories producing cycle parts, machine tools, motor parts. Additionally, the city also exports sewing machines, mopeds, and dyes. The existence of large of industries in the city has brought many, especially the locals of neighbouring cities and towns, to the city. Apparently this increases the populous count in the city. But, at the meantime it also makes the city a melting pot of cultures. The rich culture of the city is reflected in the festivals that are celebrated here. Of all the festivals the Lohri is the biggest festival. The festival also marks as the end of the current year and the beginning of the next year. Offering are made to the fire and people dance in front of it. Holi and Baisakhi are the other two prime festivals of the city.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the people of Ludhiana are more relaxed and welcoming than the average Punjabi, and the fact shows in their genuine hospitality. Each visitor is received with warm welcoming attitude, and while the visitor is on his stay, he is treated with utmost care and affection. Compared to many of the cities across the country, Ludhiana is safer and doesn’t often report of serious crimes. However, one should stay aware of petty thefts.

On the tourism front, Ludhiana makes a fun destination to spend the holiday. There are many tourist spots from the medieval and British era spread all over the city. To name some include: Clock tower, City Kotwali, Bhir, Lodhi Fort, Mali Ganj, Mougal Sari at Doraha, Daresi Ground, Koom Kalan Mosque, and Baba Gajjuji Thapar Shrine etc. The good thing is that these historical sites are well connected to the commercial centres of the city and the railway station. Plus, there are some good hotels in Ludhiana that also provide a tour service of these tourist attractions.

On the modern aspect of Ludhiana tourism there are plenty of allures and attractions that guarantee of a fun holiday. The well known tourist attractions in this front include: Jassal Art Gallery, Rakh Bagh Park, Boat Club, Leisure Valley, Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Rose Garden, Soil Museum, Guru Nanak (Sports) Stadium, Punjabi Bhawan, Uppal Museum, Museum of Rural Life of Punjab, Fountain Chowk, and Rakh Bagh Park.

Fun Holidays In Ludhiana, A Popular Tourist Destination In Central India

Simply put. Ludhiana is one of the most important commercial city of the state of Punjab. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent holiday destination housing a plethora of tourist attractions. Head to the city to explore all aspects of it, and for accommodation going with cheap hotels in Ludhiana is a good thing to do as there exist plenty of good hotels in the given category.

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