Starting Your Own Church: A Helpful Guide

Starting Your Own Church: A Helpful Guide

If you have a passion for spirituality and you’ve always wanted to make an impact on your community, you’ve probably considered starting your own church. Unlike a bible study group, running a church takes a bit of business know-how to reach your target audience, both in and out of the United States.

If you’re ready to spread God’s word and make a difference, there are a few things you should know.

Picking Your Chosen Bible

For most churches, a standard bible is used for services and provided to attendees. Knowing the difference between a Tyndale bible and a New Living Translation is a great way to make sure the text aligns with your message. Depending on your attendees, you may want a large print manuscript to help with readability or a personal-size hardcover that can withstand a bit more wear and tear.

Doing a bit of research on the differences between each manuscript can help you choose the appropriate translation. Internet searches can also help with this task, and once you’ve selected the right bible for your congregation, you then need to know where to buy it.

Luckily, internet searches can also help you find bible sales in real-time. Sometimes, it’s as easy as searching “hardcover bibles for sale” or “Tyndale manuscript in large print.” Depending on where you’re shopping, you may need to provide an email address. Always review the website’s privacy policy before you commit to a sale, however. Some bible sales have higher production costs, especially for large print and hardcover, so you don’t want to be overwhelmed by hidden fees.

If you’re looking to save money, a personal-size Tyndale bible is likely an excellent choice. Of course, selecting a manuscript for your church isn’t the only thing you’re going to need to do. To get your feet off the ground, you also need to know how to attract worshippers and reach your target audience.

Smart Billboard Advertising

Unless you’re purchasing billboard real estate in Times Square, setting up digital displays and digital bulletins is likely to be much more affordable than you might think. Using digital billboards can also help you cut costs over traditional billboards. The best part about a billboard, though? They can make a major local impact since they’ll be situated in the community you’re trying to reach.

Think of your daily commute to work. How often do you see the same digital sign or traditional billboards? How many of those billboards can you quote by heart? In a way, billboards almost work on a subconscious level. After seeing them day after day, people start to take greater notice.

A digital billboard for your church could be just the ticket to attracting followers, but you need to be sensible about your branding and messaging. Electronic billboards, for instance, are timed, which means fewer people will see them throughout the day. However, they also tend to be more affordable since you’re not paying for a dedicated space.

Traditional billboards, on the other hand, are the ones that tend to stick in viewers’ brains more quickly. These can lead to more interest in your church, but you need to make sure that you have the funds to afford one.

You can also use personal-size advertising like fliers and mailers if you want to keep things simple, as long as it makes sense for your congregation.

Spreading the Word

Once you’ve set up your supplies and venue and attracted some parishioners, you’re ready to fulfill your mission of opening your own church. As long as you keep your faith at the forefront, you have the potential to make a difference in the hearts of believers everywhere.

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