Apple iPad Air 3: Release Date and Specs possibilities

After the introduction of Apple iPad Air 2, hearsays of Apple iPad Air 3 started to begin coming up online about its special specifications, releasing date and features. And, the most heard rumour is about Apple iPad Air 3 dimensions as dimension of Apple iPad Air 2 was Height: 9.4 inches, Width: 6.6 inches, Depth: 0.24 inch, and Weight: 0.96 pound and processor. The sixth generation Apple iPad released with processor A8X with 64-bit architecture, Apple M8 motion co-processor, 1.5GHz triple-core processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM.

We know that the Apple iPad Air 2 is the sixth-generation iPad tablet, which was developed, distributed and designed by Apple Inc., a California based company, by the month October, 2014. It was being released in October, 2014 with the introducing of iPad Mini 3. If we compare, the Apple iPad Air 2 is slimmer and faster than its predecessor, the Apple iPad Air, which was being launched in October, 2013. The Apple iPad Air 2 tablet comes with Touch ID even though the design, height and screen size are of its predecessor, the Apple iPad Air.

It’s known that the Apple sixth generation features the iOS 8.1 and includes a very advanced version of Apple Pay with the inside-store NFC facility excluded. The important feature i.e. Touch ID sensor makes the user to pay on internet without entering the owner’s card details.

Release Date Possibilities

The most rumours about Apple iPad Air 3 is about its release date. It is considered that the seventh generation Apple iPad will be available next year i.e. 2015 with the most and expected features of Apple technology. The most praised review of Apple iPad Air 2 was by The Verge as a great achievement and as the best tablet ever made in information technology history in the world. We know that Apple iPad Air was released on October, 2013, Apple iPad Air 2 was introduced on October, 2014 and the most expected, Apple iPad Air 3 might get released on around September and October, 2015.

Specification Possibilities of Apple iPad Air 3

The Apple iPad Air 2 got out with specifications such as its hardware that is quite similar in both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The only change is its processor abilities, the A8X which is the high-end 3-core variant of the Apple A8, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, which makes it the very first iOS tablet to have more RAM than 1 GB DDR3 RAM and the Power VR GPU has 8-cores. It also included Apple M8 motion co-processor with a barometer and is the first generation of the iPad to have the fingerprint Touch ID sensor from the famous iPhone.

It has a slightly smaller battery compared to the iPad Air but Apple claims the same 10-hour battery life as before. The iPad Air 2 is available in 16, 64 or 128GB storage options with no storage expansion options.

The bruited on internet about Apple iPad Air 3 are 10.1 inches True 4K resolution display, Apple A9X 64-bit architecture chip 3.5/4.5 GHz processor with 3GB RAM, 64GB/128GB in-built memory, 8MP front and 10MP rear camera, Touch ID improved and faster and the most wanted, 5mm thickness, which means the slimmest tablet in the world.

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