6 New Home Decor Styles You’ll Love

6 New Home Decor Styles You'll Love

Design styles come and go, and this year we’ll be seeing many trends on the way out making room for new and exciting styles for your home. Whether you’re making small adjustments to your apartment, or looking at Fort Worth houses for sale and need some ideas on how to fill your new space, there are so many new trends worth trying. Here are a few home-decor styles we think you’ll love this year!

Statement Mirrors

Statement Mirrors are all the rage, and replacing conventional art pieces. Whether you place one in a hallway or a living room, a mirror is sure to add depth and interest to any space. You can find large vintage mirrors with ornate gold frames to take up much of a wall or small round fluid ones with no frame, for example. The possibilities are endless!

Drink Tables

While different from traditional end tables, drink tables are smaller and more decorative but still add function to a room. They are perfect if you love entertaining. Choose something playfully quaint with an odd shape or super vibrant color such as yellows or berry colors. You can also easily move these around to different rooms or within the same room to give yourself some variety.


Botanicals and floral prints are in, and in a big way. Whether its wallpaper, furniture upholstery, or even lampshades, these are not the prints you’ve seen before. We’re looking at bold, vibrant patterns with lots of color. These are particularly good choices for powder rooms or entryways, but can easily adorn a living room or bedroom.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Bamboo and natural wood furniture is making its way indoors. No longer just a patio staple, these pieces become more like art than just furniture. You’ll likely see shelving made of this material in many homes, and it is especially attractive when topped with other natural items such as plants. (Also, when bringing plants into your home to continue this natural look, go for real plants as opposed to synthetic. It makes a big difference because a synthetic plant will always stick out – and not in a tasteful way). You might even see chairs and couches made of this material indoors as well, giving your living space an eclectic, natural look.

Vintage Accents

Accents that are vintage are all the rage right now. Some trending vintage items right now are oil paintings. Whether it’s a portrait or a landscape, you’ll want to find the perfect size for your space. It can be large, covering a wall or smaller ones mixed across a space. Adding art to your kitchen is especially trending right now and the perfect place to put your new oil painting. Stoneware like terracotta and vintage corrugated metal planters are also very popular, where you can plant your real living plants, as mentioned earlier. Neoclassical busts of grecian gods have also come back.  Printed rugs, especially oriental, colorful ones can really tie a room together.. Another thing that’s in right now is items that have “patina.” Patina is a green or brown sheen that covers brass or other similar metals from polishing or wear over a long time. Brass sculptures, lamps, and kitchenware can all be used for this trend.

Bold Monochromatics

Grey on grey is out! Bold monochromatics, especially cobalt and navy blue are in this season. Saturating walls with one color is on trend, while the accent wall look has gone out of vogue. You can achieve this by painting not only the walls one color, but the trim the same as well. You can even incorporate the same color in the ceiling and flooring to really bring the theme together.

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