Coping up with low blood pressure when you are pregnant

During pregnancy a lot of body changes are expected and on top of the list you come across low pressure. Like medicines for infection in pregnancy pressure can fluctuate during pregnancy, but by the time of delivery is over they become normal. In most cases it proves to be a normal occurrence, but if you do not exercise care this could pose a major concern.

In the aerial walls when the flow of blood reduces, it is termed as low blood pressure. In medical terms the reading is termed as 90/60mm Hg. If the top value is less than 90 irrespective of the bottom line and the same policy applies to the downward value then you are coping up with low blood pressure. Just like heart medication while pregnant you need to opt for medical intervention. But low blood pressure is better as it reduces the occurrence of heart attacks or strokes. But if low blood pressure falls below a desired level it could be a definite cause of concern.

During the first 23 weeks of your pregnancy blood pressure is expected to be on the lower side. After that period it ceases to increase in a normal manner. A lot of factors can be attributed to low blood pressure when you are pregnant. Though the main reason of blood pressure could be due to heart problems, nutritional issues, blood loss or dehydration. During pregnancy some of the main causes of blood pressure include

  • The blood vessels may be dilated due to hormonal changes
  • For a long time you are in a supine position
  • Because of dehydration the volume of blood decreases which contributes to significant decrease in the blood pressure levels

In terms of signs along with symptoms of low blood pressure they are as follows

  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Pallor

If you witness any of the above symptoms you need to get in touch with your doctor. The chances are that you could be restless because of these symptoms as well.  The doctor can clearly outline severity of such conditions and then decide a suitable treatment module for a patient. They are going to suggest various changes in your activity level with some changes to be made to your diet.

So low blood pressure is considered to be normal when you are pregnant. But you cannot ignore the risks in any way.

This brings us to the point do you think low blood pressure is dangerous when you are pregnant? Fainting could make a woman fall and it could even lead to placenta disruption or increases chances of preterm delivery. It is therefore important that you exercise a lot of care when you are about to do any household chores. If you develop a feeling of about to be fainted then sit aside for some time.

In certain cases low blood pressure could pose considerable problems to an unborn baby. It does not have any relation to the prenatal outcomes. But it has a direct relation with birth weight.

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