Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram?

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram?

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to businesses looking to reach their target market with engaging visual content. This article will outline 10 reasons your brand needs to be on social media platform like Instagram – or risk missing out on significant opportunities.

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram

  1. Internet users spend more time on Instagram than on any other network besides Facebook

According to research by comScore, US internet users spend approximately12 billion minutes on Instagram each month. Compared to Facebook’s 230 billion minutes, this is a drop in the bucket; but for businesses looking to dominate in a more niche, image-centric network, Instagram offers a huge opportunity.

  1. It’s still early enough to establish a presence and dominate your niche

Getting noticed on Facebook can be a challenge for small businesses. With so many businesses using the platform, it can be difficult to get found via on-site search and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  1. Instagram gives you the unique ability to augment your brand with visual content

Visual content gives you the unique opportunity to decide how you want to showcase your brand. A huge advantage to sharing images on Instagram is the wide range of filters

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram

  1. Instagram drives sales with high average orders

According to Shopify, Instagram referrals result in an average order value of $65; this is second only to Polyvore’s $66.75. While certainly most visits won’t end up resulting in a purchase, those that do will result in considerably higher revenue than other social networks; for instance, YouTube’s $37.63 average order value.

  1. Visual content in social media continues to dominate in terms of engagement

To keep your Instagram followers engaged, post images like infographics, image quotes, graphic coupons and behind-the-scenes images. For videos, try posting short tutorials or behind-the-scenes clips to elicit views and engagement.

  1. Instagram doesn’t have a filtered feed

Your valuable content will actually get seen; images are shown in chronological order, so as long as you’re posting regularly, your posts have a good chance of getting seen by your followers (at least by the ones who are on the platform when you post).Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram

  1. Instagram can serve as a content-creator for other social networks

Instagram gives you the unique ability to easily create eye-catching images, you can always use these images as content for your other marketing channels: for instance your Facebook posts, Pinterest boards or blog.

  1. Instagram is ideal for on-the-go-sharing

More than any of the other big networks, Instagram is designed and intended to be used on mobile devices. This means sharing is quick and easy,

  1. Instagram videos are great for getting shares on Facebook

According to research from Unruly, 9 out of 10 Instagram video shares happen on Facebook. This is great news for marketers looking to bridge the gap between Instagram and Facebook, driving traffic and shares between the two.

  1. Instagram has some of the highest conversion rates among popular social networking sites

According to Shopify, the rate at which Instagram visitors go on to make a purchase when visiting a site is 1.08%; this means that for every 100 visitors who find your site through Instagram, 1 will make a purchase.

Put your efforts and time to establish your business on Instagram and have fruitful results by following the above instructions.

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