How Redesigning Landing Page To Include Video Boosted Our Conversion

There are several ways to set up and improve the landing page to boost conversion. A large number of designers do not understand how creative landing pages need to be in order to attract clicks and conversions. Also, the new generation of landing pages is focused on excellent conversion rate, while offering useful information at the same time. If you want your business to be different from others, it is necessary to accept the trends and stay ahead in this ‘game’.

The page that caught our attention is They added a video on their landing page that explains the product, its benefits, and the tools and features that you can use to trade with binary options. This significantly increased signups with the service and increased the trust of customers, as it added a human feel to a robotic product.

Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%. Also, video on the landing page is more appealing for clicks and more persuasive, which means greater chances for achieving the action that we desire. More than 60% of users prefer video above ordinary and simple boring text. Given the increasing popularity of the video (Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo), this way of presenting services and products will become a standard, not an exception.

Apart from looking good, of course, if it is processed and brought to high standards, videos have advantages that cannot be compared to plain text.

In order for your content to be informative and actively involve your users, it is necessary to connect emotionally. Nowadays, page visitors prefer products they have positive associations with. This means that you must actively engage your users in this area and keep the audience’s attention. This is a significant challenge for anyone who thinks that only text can contribute to better conversions on the page.

Also, the video itself can function as a marketing campaign. Video can be easily shared among users, it can have answers to their questions and not only boost your conversions but also increase your reach and reduce bounce rate.

Videos are popular because they allow customers to see exactly what they’re buying. This way you can introduce your product the best way and all sell it under a few minutes. However, don’t be pushy and expect that video will bring sales if you set it on your website. All website elements must create a quality content that you can present to the customers. This way, you expect growth and better results.

As a recap, there are 3 main reasons to implement video and have your website more popular so you can boost your conversion:

  • Storytelling video with high quality which will bond with a customer
  • Product video to get shoppers to see your product, test it visually and buy it
  • Landing-page video to help you sell product for your brand

Tip for the end: If you have an online product or online service that can sell specific items, put together the instructional, promotional and educational video about the product. This will help every customer to bond with your brand and see exactly how you want it. Be funny, innovative and helpful. Only this way you can become unique and interesting to the internet population.

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