The Benefits Of Hugging

The Benefits Of Hugging

Physical contact has many forms of expression depending on culture, education and beliefs of people. So, asks permission to give a hug. If you need one, ask and explain how you want to receive. Many people believe that happiness we get with things, but we do not realize that what we acquire for free is what really makes us feel complete and full of positive energy. Did you know that a good and warm hug can bring quite smooth and enjoyable benefits? Please find below the top 10 advantages that generates a simple hug.

It Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are produced in the central nervous system, when they are released; help lower blood pressure, menstrual cramps, headaches, calms the nerves, relieves anxiety, separates us from loneliness, self-esteem strengthens, stimulates senses, cures insomnia and defeat fear.

Builds Confidence

Trust is very important for our day to day life, which is what will help us to promote self-confidence. It is essential to believe in us, so we can achieve our goals more easily.


Who has not felt protected just being next to our parents? It is more common for a child or an elderly refugee sit in the arms of another person.

Good Health

The power of a hug is so fabulous, it makes us feel vital and energetic; what motivates ourselves healthy.

It Strengthens

When someone hugs us, transmits its energy and turns us to it and our strength is increased and we are vigorous.

Shows Affection

Whenever we embrace a person do with some appreciation and affection depending on what it represents in our lives.


If you’ve ever felt heartbroken, the best medicine is hugs and comforts us, helping us to overcome sadness and homesickness.


A hug makes emotional communication, connecting with others comes to understand their problems and joys.

Removes Stress

The best remedy that relieves you of trouble is to hug someone, which helps you get rid of the daily stress and feel good about yourself.


No doubt a good hug helps us improve our mood, distrust aside let start our day with the best energy.

Well say that a person need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for sustenance and 12 hugs to perform; and best of all is that they are free! Feel free to show your affection! Your body and mind will thank you.

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