Creating Openness With Window Shades

Although window treatment is all about light control and privacy together with the feature of beautification of indoors, there are occasions, especially in particular seasons, when you would like to relax your need for control of both parameters. You might like to have more filtered light but would not like the obtrusive existence of blinds, which though much effective in light control, does not meet your expectations at that point of time. You want more openness with lesser control but would not like to do away with the control altogether. It is like trying to get the best of both worlds and it is quite possible to do it. There are some window treatments that can be considered for achieving your three point goal of beautifying windows, creating virtual space and provide a grand view of the outside.

Solar Shades

For creating the most effective light barrier to cut off the harmful UV rays of sunlight from entering your room and to remove the glare of daylight from the stream of light that is allowed to pass through, solar screens is the best choice. There are different levels of light control that can be achieved by selecting the right kind of solar shade thereby giving varying degrees of visual transparency. If your home is in coastal areas then this is the perfect choice. The openness factor of solar shades can be between 3% and 14%. The higher the openness number the more is the visibility and conversely visibility decreases as the number gets less. There are a variety of color of fabrics available – from solid colors to patterns, weaves and stripes. These are available with manual control as well as motorized control that can be operated with a remote control.

Sheer Drapery

Featherweight drapery that is wispy too is the best way to describe sheer drapery that has the ability of filtering incoming natural light softly. The extremely light weight of fabrics that tend to float around the room gives a cool and soothing effect that make the ambiance more dream like. The patterns of light and shade created by the soft light barriers give a feeling of effortless luxury. The stunning looks of sheer panels are capable of adding comfort to living and its dramatic looks are simply awesome. For packing a punch to its appeal, select some vibrant colors that can make the window treatment the focus of all attention.

Sheer Shades

In the category of virtual shades, sheer shades are the best performers for light control. This window treatment is a hybrid of shades and blinds. Sheer shades are most versatile and elegant. The best effects of blinds have been blended with the softness of sheers that makes it light and airy. Soft horizontal fabric veins are sandwiched between two layers of sheer fabrics to create this unique window treatment. Larger windows and sliding patio doors are the best places for installing it. Flexibility in providing privacy and light control while allowing enjoyment of outside view make this window treatment stand apart from others.

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